And another new gliding kite...
Skyburner Kites has brought out a new canard style glider...

The Aerolite

This is like the Plutz glider family from ceewan (including the Zero G from Prism), with some new tweaks on it. 

The front wing is not just a basic triangular shapes, it is more of two polygons stuck to one another, this should provide a bit more front support for gliding.

The Aerolite comes with a simple drogue for when you want to fly it as a stable kite (why would you?) or in higher winds but still active.

Simple clean Icarex skin and micro carbon rods with good quality fittings, as expected from Skyburner too.

There seems to be a good amount of adjustment as well from the bridle and the position of the Center T that I will have to play with too...

This kite is not on Skyburner's website yet, nor the Kites 'n' Fun Things site either but you can call or email them to get one.

Updated 10/22/14: The Aerolite is now on both the Skyburner website as well as the Kites and Fun Things website with a price of 145$

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