Quick updates!

Welcome to the sunny summer time!

We just received a box of Chiropteras from Sturdy Designs.   
These xUL gliders looks phenomenal!!!   
The webpage will be updated soon to reflect this shipment.

What are you doing in October 2011 the weekend of the 8th/9th?   
We will be having a couple of workshops here in Massachusetts with Robert Brassington!!!!   
This will be the first time that Robert has come up here to teach us little people!   
More info will be announced as it comes in, but this will be a fast filling weekend of classes!!

We will be trying to bring kite makers in for workshops into the Northeast more often.   

Good winds


Ty Billings Kites!!!!!

A stash of new kites made by Ty Billings has been uncovered!   
These are old stock kites that had never been unrolled since they were made and they are beautiful!!!!!

There are Dancing Bear Arch Eddy kites; these are able to be flown individually or connect their bowlines together to form an arch.   These are all appliqu├ęd, with Ty's trademark tye-dyed material on the neck of each bear.   There are only a handful of these, so if you want one email to claim one quick!

There are also two of Ty's Yotzu kites.   
He did a lot of research on this design and kept tweaking it until it flew just right.   
These are neat shapes, that are bursting with color.   
Head over to Windswept Kites to find these treasures!

These are only a handful of the newly arrived kites we have on hand.  
Looking for a deal?   
Make sure to check out the Yard Sale too!   Some new items were just added in there.