spot light on a kite maker - Merritt Beck

Merritt Beck is a kite maker whose name I had heard over the years, but had never seen any of his kites.  
 In the last bulk consignment lot for the Yard Sale there happened to be 3 of his kites.   

I googled his name to see if I could learn more about him and his kites.   
Sadly, the first thing that I learned was that he had just passed away in October at the age of 95.   I wish that I had been offered the chance to meet him and comment on his kites.

While popping open kites to photograph them i found these spectacularly colored kites that were impeccably sewn!   
But, sewn with red and green thread.....a trademark of Merritt's.

If you happen to be a collector of kites, or just want a very nice kite to add to your collection here is your chance.   
These three kites have never been flown and are beautiful!

KS83: ~3' snowflake  $120*

KS84: ~12' Delta V $200*

KS85: ~12' DC $200*

The deltas are framed in 1" square basswood spars (ala Sun Oak Kites) and are going to be fun to ship!   The leading edges do not break down.   The snowflake is a smaller much easier to ship package.

These kites are probably the only ones out there in such pristine condition.   If you do not grab these while you can right now, you will probably never get the chance to again!!!

Drop an email to claim one or all of them!!!
Good winds!

*prices do not include shipping.


Holidays and Blizzards

Hello everyone!
We have gotten through one holiday weekend and a blizzard.   
Now we are looking at one more holiday weekend and a move!   

Yep, we are moving!!!!  Just around the corner a bit though.

Feel free to keep ordering, and emailing questions.   
We will be on top of communications as much as we can be with the 
internet being up and down et al.

Hopefully, every one of you got what you were hoping for over the gift giving season - 
 if not, we have a bunch of great great kites looking for homes!
In case you have not heard it enough:

"Have a happy and happy holiday!"
Good winds.
We hope to see you in the new year!



New Kite Alert!!!!!

Robert Brasington's box of kites have arrived! 
We scurried to get them on the website before Christmas!  
Who would not want a special Kindness of Strangers under their tree?

Or one of Robert's new kite; The Electric Slim - BUT in a special color pattern?
I know that I would LOVE that (hint hint family and friends ;) )

Head on over to Windswept Kites
find Robert's page (yes you have to see the other kite makers we have as well) 
and see what we have got!  

The kites from Robert are sure to be all special one of a kind kites!
Shipping via USPS priority mail for the US is included in the price!!!

Good winds

New kites in time for the holiday!

We just received in a packet of kites from Karl Longbottom. 

These are all individual one-of-a-kind hand dyed kites.
They are great for popping into a suitcase, briefcase, or backpack to carry along your travels, or as a car kite too.
Fantastic flyers these kites will light up the sky everywhere!
You have two color schemes to choose from: Hot or Cool.   Both colors look great!
These kites retail for 67$ shipped in the US via Priority Mail 
(if you order soon they might make it to your house for Friday!).
Head over to Windswept Kites to claim one (and some other nice kites too!)

Keep checking the website out for changes and new kites!
Happy holidays to everyone


The Yard Sale

The Yard Sale has been updated again!  

You will see that there is a new format; this one is a little easier for us to work in
 and also it does not take as long for your computer when you click into it.   
You can also see the pictures of what you want to see.

There are sections for single line kites, for dual line kites, for quad lines, 
and also for the line laundry/ground display/banners/other kite related items.

A quick list of some of what you might find:
fighter kites 
Windfeather banners 
Peter Lynn giants 
Prism sport kites 
 Guildworks items 
Historic kites! 
Catch the Wind spinsocks 
kites that had not been opened since they were first made

Wander on in, you never know what you might find!

Reminder: the Yard Sale is updated on an ongoing basis.   
Usually, any updating of the Yard Sale (or of any part of the website) will also be associated with a blog post here, but sometimes items get sneaked in.   Seriously , you never know what might pop in there or when!

If you happen to have a pile of kites that you are no longer flying, in need of money, 
or just want to pass some kites along and need some help with it please drop us a line!  
We have been helping people to sell used/preloved/unwanted kites 
and kite related items for over three years now.   
We have the knowledge, we have the drive to do it, 
and we are set up to ship kites every day (well except Sundays - thats football)

Good winds