The Northeastern Kite events calendar now available!

I am working with a friend on a Northeast Kite events calendar
(spreads a little further than the just the Northeast but that is okay).

It is located here: http://snipurl.com/kitecalendar
There is also an rss newsfeed too, it is located here: http://snipurl.com/kitecalendarrss
You can also find it at the bottom of this blog all the time.

Feel free to use these anywhere you wish, and to share it with your family,
friends and neighbors.

Even though I have been working on this,
that does not mean that Windswept Kites will be at all of these events -ahhh if only!  
But, it will be posted here on the blog if we are going.

If you find errors, changes needed, or additions in it you would like to share please
contact me via email with date, time, location, contact person,
details (if anything else) and I can add you in there.

See you on the field!

Good winds



Sky Blooms

A packet arrived from the United Kingdom with the latest batch of kites from Gill Bloom!   Once again she has crafted an amazing set of kites picturing flowers from the US for us.   If you have seen her poppies/daisies/iris before you need to check these out!  Same flowers - but different designs.
All of Gill's kites come with a long fuzzy tail that looks grand.
$55.00 shipped to you in the United States.  
Take time to fly a flower!


All prices on the Windsweptkites.com website now include USPS Priority shipping in the continental United States.   Get the real price upfront!!!
*This does not include the prices on any Yard Sale items!*

Please feel free to email with any questions.


The Yard Sale has been updated

Items are going quickly!!!!

Payment for Yard Sale items is money order/check only!
Paypal is not accepted for these transactions unfortunately.

Email us for details, information, shipping fees etc on these items!

Good winds!


Consignments & Yard Sales

Did you know that if you have a pile of kites you do not fly anymore and want to make some money,
 you can email us and we can sell them for you on consignment.

Today in the blustery snowstorm we are having right now in Massachusetts we are taking pictures of about 50 kites that we just picked up
- the newest lot of consignment kites.  
  • Sport kites
  • Single line kites
  • A bit of line laundry
  • Ground stakes
  • A couple of old school ground display items that are great for the garden
  • Some project kites (ever wanted to play around with framing choices and see how it works? there are a couple of options for you here!)
  • Some great AKA festival video tapes
You never know what you might find on our Yard Sale page, so check back often!   Prices are great on the items there!!!!

Keep the wheels to the road!

Good winds


Checkign in 2010

Hope everyone had a good New Years Day! 

We did flying a pair of Karl Longbottom Pants
in ~6 inches of snow
in 3mph
and ~20 degrees F.  

It was grand!!!!!

Ahhh.....Brenton Point flying at some of its best!

We have more Vapids from Robert Van Weeers in right now.   A Vapid is a great UL single line kite that is a stable flyer.   This is one you can just pop up and leave there.  
Very simple assembly!!!!
We have in two:
one with an orange tip and another with a purple tip.

The Vapids are only $50 and are a great addition to a kite bag!  
Valentines day is coming maybe one for your sweetie to get you???

Good cold winds everyone!