Guildworks Tetrafoil Truss UL

The big one!!!

Can be flown on 4 lines or on 2 lines or on a single line.
A great indoor kite, or outdoors in light winds.


This one is in superb condition for only $390.00!
Or you can pay a bit more from Guildworks.com for one!!!!

This kite will not last long!!!!
Email us to claim it!

More great deals are located: 

Good winds!


New kites coming soon!

We have some orders right now that are being finished up and shipped out!

  • Gill Bloom is making another batch of custom botanical squares for us.
  • Robert van Weers has shipped out a packet with Vapids in it.
  • We have out fingers crossed hoping that Eric will bring us more Boreal Two-Four arches as well!
Do not forget about the Dallmer Duckies that we have on hand, or the Large Kiwi banners from Robert, there is one 13' banner with pole from Scott Hampton, a handful of Karl Longbottom's Angels, Pterodactyls and Pants.

Pass word along to the people close to you that you want a Windswept Kite  for the holidays!

Bon vent


Karl Longbottom's Pterodactyls

Just a quick little slide show showing some of the color options of these guys!!!


All XL Shirts are sold out!

Sorry, but all the XL shirts are now gone.
A few L ones left though!


Size stock update!

At this moment there are only 2 XL t-shirts left. 
Get them while you can!
There are a bunch of Larges available though.

Good Winds!


OOPS!!! More information provided on the shirts!

So many things on the mind:
shipping orders, eating, feeding dogs, updating website, breathing and of course something is going to fall through the cracks. 
In this case it was the sizes of the t-shirts that were just added to the website!

There are only 2 sizes:
Men's Large
Men's Extra Large

(the stock level of XL is seriously low! almost down to single digits! so get them while you can!)


These shirts are only $15.00 + shipping for a great shirt that states what you (or someone) loves to do!!

Good winds!