A box of items from Scott Hampton is going to be on its way very soon!

While talking with Scott he did announce that there will be no more cypods until 2009. Work is taking precedence, as is another wind related art project (remaking his own display banners).
We will be getting amounts of banners, both matched sets and single banners, for all of you who wish to add to your wind garden or start a new one.

But, a limited amounts of kites goes quickly.........so-

Keep an eye peeled (or click here to subscribe to the WindsweptKites Atom news feed) here for posts about what has arrived.

If all goes well there will be another kite maker announcement soon, a new friend in Belgium!

Good Winds



Searching.....Always searching......

Do you know anyone who makes kites?  

Some neat and different kites? Banners? Spinners?

Would they want to make a few extra and make some money?
Send them onwards to us!

Windswept Kites is always looking to find new kite makers to bring out to the mainstream kiting world.

Please pass the word, and the word is:




The UNfestival aftermath

Wow...what a good day out there on Saturday! Brenton Point State Park was full of flying fabric!
We usually do not make it down to Brenton Point because we at Colt State Park, but since there was a bunch of people going we thought it would be fun-and it was!

Good friends to hang out with. New friends to make. (Yes-more than a few asked where the pups were-they were hanging out at home in the cool shade).

A bunch of Bob's Yard Sale went to new owners-and so the online list is going to be updated in the next day.

The coolest thing (besides hanging with old friends) was that we got our new feather from Dave. Very neat!!!! What do you think? Readable? Striking? Let us know!!!!

The two most asked questions were:
"Can I have THAT CYPOD?"
"Can I have that Ducky?"

We hope to give more positive answers next time (read as-when I get more Cypods you can buy them and the same goes for the duckies!!!).

There was quite a bit of interest in Dave's banners-hopefully they will pan out into orders so that we will be able to show MORE of what Dave can do with banner cloth and a sewing machine!

That is it for now!



The 2008 Newport RI Kite UN-Festival

So when High Flyers Flight Co was open there was a great festival associated with us. Sue and Steve worked their tails off to get it running every year. Since HF shut down there was one UN-festival in 2006 (lots of people expect a kite festival so a fun fly evolved) and then in 2007 an online shop got a fest organized.
This year it is looking like the guy from last year is not around, so will there be an organized festival?
Not from the news on a couple of forums.

But, there will be an UN-festival this weekend. Brenton Point in Newport RI, out on Ocean Drive, will be filled with kites.
WindsweptKites will be out there with some parts of the Bob Adams Yard sale and of WsK offerings as well.
If you are interested in some of our items and do not feel like paying shipping and/or want to see the stuff in person first feel free to drop by and find us.
Cash and checks will be accepted (no paypal-unless you have a way to get online out there).



a yard sale?

A good friend and local flyer has decided to get out of kite flying for other pursuits. He approached me about liquidating his collection. I said "Of course!".

Most of these kites and things I sold Bob, and I know that he takes care of his things.

There is some neat stuff on the list. There is some one-of-a-kind things, there is some mass produced items, there is a lot of line!

The list of items for sale is located here:

Payment is only check/cash/money order (since these are not my kites). Shipping on your chosen items is the real shipping cost-contact me with your address before sending me $ and i will get a quote for you.

There are pictures of most of the items on a picasa web page. Some items pictured might be sold already-the most up to date list is the spreadsheet list with prices et al.

Feel free to drop an email with questions about anything there.

Good Winds!!!!