Garden sale! Garden? well sort of!!!

We have to get some of Gill's kites and windsocks out there!!!
So, more than 10% off on items from Gill Bloom. 

Her expertly dyed-then-appliqued flower kites 
are a great way to bring color into the air (or onto an office wall).

Her koi windsocks are second to none! Trust us we have had lots of fish windsocks in our hands over the year - there have been none that match Gill's for quality and design!
Yes, the flying pig windsocks are on sale as well!

Kites are marked down to 48$, and that includes shipping in the states, and windsocks are down to 18$, shipping included as well.

So, if these are tantalizing you at all head on over to the Skyblooms page on Windsweptkites.com and grab them while you can!

Good winds!


Ceewan's Pointer Kites!!!! Special size and colors!

These are MID sized Pointer Kites direct from Ceewan

At just over 13' they are bigger then the Pointers from Premier,
but smaller than Skyburner's GeoPointer.

We are running a pre-order page for you.
You have a choice of 5 colors (see below)
as well as two different ways that you get the kite:

1. Full kite, framed and ready to put your line on.   The pre-order price on this is 170$ shipped to you in the States (contact us for international orders).   The regular retail price on this option will be 200$ so grab these while you can!!!

2. The kite kit.   The kit will come with bridle, skin and the rod sewn into the bottom of the skin.   You will need to get rods to frame this!   The recommended frame is SkyShark p200 and p90's, with a couple of 2mm solid carbon rods and a few pieces of hardware, but you can frame it any way you like.  The pre-order price on this is 95$ shipped in the States, and its regular price will be 115$.

So, check out the picture below of the color options (the Flame color might not come in, so please keep that in mind but feel free to ask for it) and head over to the Windswept Kites web page for Ceewan and put your order in!  The estimated shipping is the end of July as these kites have a long way to come from Malaysia!

We also will be getting in the Plutz gen2 from Ceewan in the same packet, as well as a couple of the Large Plutz's as well!

More kites are also on order from Karl Longbottom too.

Good winds!



New kite alert!!!!!!!!
We are bringing in kites from kisa!
At this moment we just have the production Scubadoo (also the only kite that we offer that has line included and is ready to fly!)


The Scubadoos are good for indoor flying, outdoor flying, tethered to the top of a telescoping banner pole, and even underwater "flying".
One of the more adaptive kites ever!

At under 40$ ready to fly it is a great item to add to your bag!

Get out there and fly!!!