Holy bejeezus!!!!!

So....five years ago I started the website up as a way to help out kite builders get their product out to the kite world.....
Now, I have shipped packages to all over the globe and especially all over this continent!  I have moved about 45 times since the site started (there has only been one issue of a shipment being sent to an old address - luckily the new address was about a mile down the road and I had the same post man!)

As some may know I worked at High Flyers in Newport, Rhode Island, for 9 years....I learned soooo much at that shop..made wonderful life long friends and had a blast! (Newport Saint Patrick's Day parade with Irish coffee streetside is just one example) I learned so much from Sue about this world of wacky kite people!
High Flyers closed at the end of 2005 and I was stuck out there with only my environmental education job to keep me going....I kept in touch with many of the kite people from the shop; during one conversation with Scott Hampton I started thinking that I should generate an outlet for the kite makers and kite public as well.  

I am now working with 16 kite makers (discussions are in place for #17 right now), these people are based in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, US, Canada, Singapore and France.   Getting in packages from these makers is great, I love it! I also love then sending out new designs to those interested kite fliers.   Experiencing customers finding out that new and different items are out there and not being mass produced is awesome.    

Then shortly after I started the website an old customer from High Flyers called me and asked if I could liquidate his collection for him.   Turn of events had him not flying at all and putting all of his free time into other avenues.   He drove the van over to my house and unloaded a bunch....that first van load was the beginning of The Yard Sale, a place where used/preloved kites and items are offered up on good deals.
There have been a lot of amazing kites that have passed through The Yard Sale.....many boutique kites....kites from many years ago....pieces that have been sought after....some pieces that i have regretted sending along to someone else too ;)

I will admit that it is all on a shoe string budget....very little money comes in, just enough to pay for the website...and any extra $ goes right back into getting more products...It is busy for me sometimes, but I still love it, and plan on keeping it around for a long time!!!

Here's to new kites for everyone!
Good winds