New Years Day 2010

I hope that everyone out there has been having a safe and grand holiday season so far! 
I know that we have.

On January 1st, 2010, we are planning on heading down to Brenton Point in Newport RI for our
 traditional New Years Day fly. 
I am not certain what number this is for me but it has to be double digits now!!!

If there is anything you would like from Windswept Kites - and you are planning on being in teh area as well - please drop me a note and we can hand deliver things to you.

If we do not see you then have a wonderful New Years celebration!

Good Winds!
Hope to see you in 2010


The Holidays are upon us!

Yep, they are.

If you are hoping to get a cool one of a kind kite for the holidays make sure to pass along our website to your family and friends!

We ship USPS Priority mail and that gets most packages around the US in about 4-5 days - but do not wait to the last second!!!

Good winds!


Guildworks Tetrafoil Truss UL

The big one!!!

Can be flown on 4 lines or on 2 lines or on a single line.
A great indoor kite, or outdoors in light winds.


This one is in superb condition for only $390.00!
Or you can pay a bit more from Guildworks.com for one!!!!

This kite will not last long!!!!
Email us to claim it!

More great deals are located: 

Good winds!


New kites coming soon!

We have some orders right now that are being finished up and shipped out!

  • Gill Bloom is making another batch of custom botanical squares for us.
  • Robert van Weers has shipped out a packet with Vapids in it.
  • We have out fingers crossed hoping that Eric will bring us more Boreal Two-Four arches as well!
Do not forget about the Dallmer Duckies that we have on hand, or the Large Kiwi banners from Robert, there is one 13' banner with pole from Scott Hampton, a handful of Karl Longbottom's Angels, Pterodactyls and Pants.

Pass word along to the people close to you that you want a Windswept Kite  for the holidays!

Bon vent


Karl Longbottom's Pterodactyls

Just a quick little slide show showing some of the color options of these guys!!!


All XL Shirts are sold out!

Sorry, but all the XL shirts are now gone.
A few L ones left though!


Size stock update!

At this moment there are only 2 XL t-shirts left. 
Get them while you can!
There are a bunch of Larges available though.

Good Winds!


OOPS!!! More information provided on the shirts!

So many things on the mind:
shipping orders, eating, feeding dogs, updating website, breathing and of course something is going to fall through the cracks. 
In this case it was the sizes of the t-shirts that were just added to the website!

There are only 2 sizes:
Men's Large
Men's Extra Large

(the stock level of XL is seriously low! almost down to single digits! so get them while you can!)


These shirts are only $15.00 + shipping for a great shirt that states what you (or someone) loves to do!!

Good winds!


More updates! Softgoods and kites too!

Getting ready for the holiday season the site has been updated again!
More kites and softgoods have been added. 

Yes, you read that correctly:
Windswept Kites has softgoods (those soft things you wear)! 
Eye Fly T-shirts from Lafney Studios!!!!

 Kite flyers from the New England area who have been around since the 1990's know these shirts!!!!  
This small lot is original stock so get them while you can!

Also, the new craze over in the UK is for flying ripstop dinosaurs.
Karl Longbottom has created a phenomenal new kite:

These guys are absolutely a hoot (yes a HOOT) to fly in low to no wind conditions.   They can also be flown in higher winds - just with not as much finite control.
Karl and Sara fly a train of them as well and they look great!  
We have them in random colors so definitely ask for your color choice!

There is another box of Pterodactyls on its way right now from the UK (it also has a special order kite too-always keep that in mind; we can get it for you!), there is also about to be another box of kites from Gill Bloom as well. 

So, keep a weather eye turned to this blog for updates.

Also just an FYI to all:
The Yard Sale is getting smaller by the day! 
So, if there is an item there that interests you better grab it quick!

Good winds to you all!



Just wanted to point out that there were a couple of updated items on the website this morning.  
Keep checking here and the website for announcements and new items coming soon!
(there has been a shipment that arrived the other day hint hint)

Good winds


Ultra Light Single Line Kites genre writeup

Okay, so after flying for ~15 years, and having LOTS of kites pass through my hands, my favorite genre of kite to fly has become those of the Ultra Light Single Line Kites (ULSLK) genre.   These are slowly becoming more offered in the kite industry.   Some maybe one-of-a-kind, some are batch crafted by the kite maker and some are mass produced.   But, they all fly on those days that there is not a breath enough to get a dual or a quad line up, or for indoor flying.

This is a quick selection of a bunch of kites out of my bags.   Clockwise from the top: Blue Moon Kites 61/49, R-Sky Bird’x, Focus Designs Skate, Flying Wings Aerobe, and a Jeff Howard glider.  

The Aerobe is a brand new mass produced kite manufactured by Flying Wings.
The 61/49, Skate, Bird’x are all craft batch kites, made by the designer in small batches.
The Jeff Howard Glider is a one of a kind kite that I got from Jeff.

Other kites to keep in mind if you are interested in this genre: Karl Longbottom Pterodactyl & Pants, Ramlal Tien Oiseau, Focus Designs Manta, Guildworks Tapertails and Gliders, WindFire Designs Mini Serendipity & Siren & Nano Photon Fighter, R-Sky large Boul’x, Fridolin Anders Mandala, Horvath's creations, L’Atellier Papillion, as well as others (especially lots of fighter kites).

To start with some of my personal kites have certain places that I will fly them in, so this group of kites can already be split into two groups: indoor kites and outdoor kites. 
The outdoor kites: Aerobe, 61/49. 
The indoor kites: Jeff Howard glider, Skate, Bird’x.  
My choice of flying locations is from a combination of the kite build and the flight characteristics.   I am not going to take a kite outdoors that I feel will not handle a gust of wind well, or a bulky kite indoors to only fight trying to keep it aloft (of course certain occasions exist where these choices will be changed).  

The Blue Moon Kites 61/49.   A great kite offered from Ken.   Extremely well built, very durable (mine has nosedived into the ground more than once), a big substantial kite to be flying in almost no wind when there is nothing else up in the air!   This kite can give a good pull when the wind picks up, so personally I will put it away above ~5mph and then pull out my BMK Ichiban.   It is very responsive for its size, you just need to provide it the slack it requires to flatten out and turn.   This kite will keep you actively moving in the amount of wind I feel it excels is 1-4mph.   A great kite for a good price! (read as you will def. get what you pay for from Ken!)

The Bird’x is a kite that came out a bit ago and did not seem to catch on well.   Whether the look of it, the price, what have you I feel it was overlooked and hope that it catches on as this genre of kite becomes more popular.   A good quality solid design and build.   This is one of what I consider a crossover kite; until I get a second one to designate as indoor, I will fly this indoors and outdoors in~1-2mph if I do not have the 61/49 with me.   Now in 2009 the Bird’x is being offered with a tail to help keep it stable in more wind, this is a great option for someone who wants to add a fun single line that can be flown more often to their bag.  One of the neat things about the Bird’x I feel is that there are no spreaders.   The wings are held in place by a plastic dihedral fitting at the kites nose, this does make assembly a bit tricky, but it provides more weight to the nose of the kite to produce a fun no wind glide while keeping the wings stiffly in place. 

The Skate is a kite that I do not see the need to take outdoors.   This kite excels at a gliding flight, and in my experience any breath of wind will disrupt that.   It has a neat pocket in the nose for a quarter to weigh down the front of the kite to force that glide.   The rods are all micro-carbon and so they are flexible.   This kite hand launches very well and is very easily controllable in an indoor setting.   I would phrase it as I have been spoiled by this kites’ excellent indoor flight and would expect that outdoors only to find it not do so well.   I also love the look of this kite and to see it distorted by the wind (however well it might do out there) would sadden me.  For the indoor flyer this is a great kite to add to your bag!

Ahh….  This kite is smaller than the Skate, and some might notice it sort of looks like the Skate.   Same bowed spreader, micro-carbon frame.  Here is the story that I have on it: This kite was designed by Curtiss Mitchell, and he brought it to Jeff Howard so that Jeff would produce it.  I am not certain what fell through where; I know that Jeff provided some kits for a couple of classes (if that many!).  I was searching for kites like this and heard about Jeff’s glider.  After about 3 years of me hounding him, he gave me his (probably to get me to stop leave him alone).   I know that Hunter Brown (of Focus Designs) made one, and so that is where the idea for the Skate came from.   So obviously this kite and the Skate are quite alike.   Jeff’s glider is different that it has two trailing tails that come from the center of the wings (not the wingtips or from the tail) and also that it does not have an extended spine.   This glider kite is very efficient indoors (and once again I will never take it outdoors for the same above stated reason).   Jeff told me about standing in the center of a basketball court and sending the kite out in a glide towards the wall, as the kite approached the wall he flicked the line to one side and the kite turned 90 degrees and continued its glide towards the next wall.   Jeff told me that he continued this flight all the way around the gym without him moving from the center circle on the floor, I have tried this out and had quite good luck but not to the level he described to me.   But this is one kite that is outstanding during any sort of indoor flying time, everyone wants to try it!

I saw this kite in person at the 2009 Newport Kite Festival, I had previously seen it in video that were being posted by the maker, Bell Chiu of Flying Wings, and it intrigued me from the first second.   One of the neatest things about this kite is that it comes with a tail that can be flown in two configurations (off the spine or off the wingtips) so that you can keep this kite flying after the wind has picked up.   That is a great thing to be able to do; there are not many kites out there that can fly the whole gambit from no wind situations up to 18mph winds!   This kite will only live in my outdoor bag –well probably it will live in my vehicle so that I can fly at any time.  It is sturdily built.  This little bugger does quite well in normal wind conditions.   It flys well in no-wind situations and handles fling very well with its tail in winds up to about 14mph or so!   My only caveat about this kite: you need to keep constant tension on the flying line or else it plummets towards earth! Overall a good kite for a good price!

These are only a handful of the ULSLKs out there!  I am certain that there are more, so keep looking!  Also these are my thoughts....yours may differ and I would love to hear them!!
Good winds


New prices in the Yard Sale!

There are some newly reduced prices in the Yard Sale
Some great kites for great prices!!!
Come and check them out!!!


A couple of ineresting things to check out

If you look at the sidebar on the right you will wee a couple of links.

The first is for Rare Bird Finds.  
A GREAT site to find some cool items to gift to everyone you know!   Go and check her site out = good stuff!!!!

The second is for the 3/50 website.  
A website that is gently reminding us to visit our favorite brick-and-mortar stores out there.   Stop on into your favorite store/a store you used to visit/a store that interests you and see what is there!

There are lots of great websites out there if you have the time to check them out!

Keep an eye out for new products from Windswept Kites-they are being shipped to us right now!


Upcoming event in Rhode Island

A request was forwarded to us, a request for kite fliers to fly:

The East Bay Coalition for the Homeless in RI is having their 20th Bike-a-thon to raise money to support families that need help through these difficult times.

The event is sponsors are the Rumford lions Club, the Children Medical Group as well as FOX Providence.
It is on Saturday October 3 Colt State Park in Bristol RI starts at 9:30 in the morning.

If it is possible for any kite flier, or anyone to get out there and rally on the riders then go for it!!!!
Colt State Park is a great place to fly -it was the home field of Windswept Kites for 15 years.

More info on the Bike-a-thon: http://www.eastbaycoalition.org/pdf/Brochure_Full.pdf
More info on Colt State Park: http://www.riparks.com/colt.htm


Something new this way comes!!!!

Working on getting a bunch of new kites in from Karl Longbottom. 


His new Pterodactyl is good for UL days and medium winds days.  
This kite is lots of fun to actively fly (but then again so is his "Pants")

These historic critters are climbing into the bag of a lot of the sport kite fliers over in the UK!  
Will one crawl into yours?

picture swiped from Karl's website...what can I say it is a good pic!


A Birthday SALE!!!

Sam, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, has worked in the kite industry as long as we have!!!

(yes that was his lunch box for work)

This Friday, August 14th, Sammy is turning 15 years old!
Yep, an old man corgi!!!

In honor of this birthday we have put a couple of kites on sale.

The last of Ty Billing's creations is on sale for 15% off their original price.
(on one kite that is $30 bucks, and the other kite is is over $100 dollars off!)

These two kites are the last that we have from Ty.
Honestly, they are most likely the last two brand new, unflown of his kites in the world.

So: Sammy the kite dog says "get them while you can!" and if you have a dog friend make sure to give them a pat for Sammy.

Woof woof


We are on Holiday!!!

July 26th to August 8th Windswept Kites will be closed.

Going off on holiday to Alaska! (the pups have scheduled their own holiday in NH- hmmmmm)

Yes, there is a kite packed already (going to try to fly it on a glacier!).

So....if you are interested in some item on the website during that time period you can email but the email will be replied to when we return in August.

All emails will be answered in the order whence they come.

Good winds everyone!



A new way to contact us!

Some of you might have noticed the new "WIDGET" on the side of the Windswept Kites blog.
That is part of a new google application Google Voice that we are testing out
You can click the Call Me button and put in your phone number and name and it will then ring YOUR phone and directly connect to Windswept Kites!!!

Right now it is set up to receive voicemail, but if this proves to be a used item then it might get a direct connect to the cell phone and us!!!!

This will also soon be added to the Windswept Kites website as well.

So please feel free to leave messages for us (a certain KONE member whose initials are R.R. already did! thanks for the test-sadly I will be in Alaska on that day).
Make certain to leave a phone number and an email address for us to get back to you on.


All the Aerial Art kites by Scott Hampton have now flown away!

Sadly we are all out of Scott's fabulous kites.
We will get more as soon as we can and as soon as Scott makes some more.

In the meantime we do have a selection of his banners in stock.
These are painted ripstop that come with the telescoping pole.
Great for the front yard, a party, a bazaar, a fundraiser, a wedding, the kite field, anytime you want to add some color!
Here is the page of banners


2 more gone....

If you are tempted by the High As A Kite dyed kites you might want to grab them while you can!!!!
There are two roks that are no longer here in our possession-they have moved on to fly with others....
That leaves two of Ty's kites left........



The Newport Kite Festival!!!!

So this will be somewhere in the double digits for us to attend this festival.
It is a great festival at a phenomenal location with lots of good people!!!!

July 11th/12th
in Brenton Point State Park in Newport RI will be the annual kite festival.
This festival has been going on for almost 30 years now! It was originally split off from the Black Ships Festival back in the '80s and turned into its own identity. This festival was taken over by Sue Moskowitz, of High Flyers Flight Co, and Steve Santos, AKA Regional Director for a number of years. When High Flyers closed at the end of 2005 the future of the festival was dubious. But an old friend has taken the festival upon his shoulders, and we wish Scotty the best of the best!!!!.

There are people coming from all over (and we do seriously meant that) for this festival. You never know who you might be flying next to!

WindsweptKites will be there on Saturday only.
Lots of kites in hand (some might even have dog fur on them! good thing that blows right off when you fly them!).
If there is anything specific you would like to see, or grab please feel free to get a hold of us or drop us a line before hand!
(look for the grey tarp thing with Dallmer Duckies around it thats us!)

For a map to Brenton Point click here.
For a link to the official website on the festival click here.

See you there!!!!


once again a request was made:

For more pictures of the Bobby Stanfield kite that is in the Yard Sale.....
Here are some detailed pictures.....Bobby was known for making his own fittings out of lots of things...the center spines of this kite are also either a section of a fishing rod OR have fishing line guides whipped to the rod....


The kite has not been sold yet....
Although there are a couple of interested parties...
It's price is $800 and worth every little penny!!!!
The Yard Sale


Well, some of you asked for it......

This is the Bobby Stanfield cellular piece that is in the Windswept Kites Yard Sale right now.
Bobby is one of the most amazing kitebuilders ever out there.....trust me on this!!!

Now the price on this kite is 800$ and it is worth every penny.

The kite is in two pieces.
The small star section at the back (bottom of the picture) is removable if you do not wish to have it on there.
All painstakingly appliqued in Bobby's manner (search on KiteBuilder.com for more on that),
and with Bobby's custom screw fittings this piece belongs in a museum!!!

The kitebuilding/selling crew will even go through and document as much as we can about how to assemble it when it comes apart
(but honestly it might spend the day hanging out loosely in the apartment for the art factor).

There is not many of Bobby's kites out there, and when one comes up for sale
if you have any interest (and the money) grab it while you can -you will probably never see that kite again!!!!

There are still some good deals in the Yard Sale, as well as some fantastic kites on the site too,
summer is coming,
you know you need a new kite!!!!

Good winds
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Going Fast!!!!!

if you were thinking about one, or more, of the kites in the Yard Sale
you had better get them quick!!!

These kites are zooming off like a RC plane out of range of the radio
(true thing that happened while flying last Friday with a friend-the plane made a horrific CRACK as it slammed into a tree in the nearby woods!!!).



Our Yard Sale has been updated, and added to!

Good Morning:
So the Yard Sale has been updated this morning, with a new collection of some outstanding kites!
The owner of them took very good care of them (some have never even been flown! ;)

These might not be for the faint of heart; some are not cheap, but are worth every penny.
A couple of these should be hanging in a museum but they fly darn well to boot!

Yard Sale items are check/cash in hand only, and you cover the real shipping fee
(you will get offered how to ship).
These items are available to go to the UK or elsewhere in the flying world!

Email text or call fast since when they are gone they are gone!

Good winds!


What are you doing this Saturday June 6th?

We are heading to a festival!!!!

This will be our first time going to the Kites Over New England regional festival in Lynn, MassaWHOsetts.

KONE is a very active kite flying/building/hanging out/eating good food group that has been around for quite awhile....a great bunch of people make up the core of this group-some might even give you the shirt off your back if you asked for it!

check out: http://kone.org/Welcome.html for more information.

We will be there with a bunch of stuff and friends, and that does include the kite dogs!

If there is anything you wish from the website feel free to drop us a line, or send a text message if you are so inclined (406.205.0432) and we can make sure it is in the ute.

There also might be a neat donation going to the KONE auction as well, hmm maybe a couple of things.....

Make sure to check out the website: prices dropped a bit in the Yard Sale and there is about to be a bunch of really nice single line kites added to the Yard Sale as well (there will be a separate post when that happens in a bit).


Flowers, Pigs & Fish! A farm?????

A new page has been added to our site!
The windsocks on Windsweptkites.com are great! (we are biased here)
Great Koi 'socks, Flying Pig 'socks and some very special kites are all made by Gill Bloom of the UK for us!
If you are a reader of the forum on kitebuilder.com (Kite Studio -Steve Ferrel's shop) you are probably already familiar with the work of Gill, as well as her willingness to share her knowledge.
Hand dyed fabric and exquisite applique are her trademarks!

Get going to see what we have to offer from Gill here in the States!

Good winds to all of you


We MOVED!!! (with a lot of help from friends!)

Yep. No longer is Windswept Kites based in Rhode Island....
We are now a bit more northern than we were before, just up in Massachusetts, not too far.

But, to celebrate the move (and to make any further moves easier) it is time to have a sale on the Yard Sale!
So, pop on over to the homepage (www.windsweptkites.com in case you forgot)
and scroll on down to the bottom of the page.
Click on the yard sale sign
and a new tab will open with a spreadsheet of the current offerings on the yard sale.
Then send an email to us about what you would like off the list!

Good spring winds to all!!!!


Keep peeking here and on the main website to see what new products are coming!!!
Some old designs, some custom designs, some new designs from more than one kite maker!


Attention: Please disregard the previous post!

The home email account got hacked.
Because I sometimes write a post and email it to blogger the previous post was emailed via something bad to the WsK blog, and thus made a new post.
Please do not follow the link in the posting!!!!




Windswept Kites is getting ready to move!

We will be going off of email/internet access for about a week or so while everything is getting set up in the new place.   The website will be up and running, but if you order the items will not be shipped out until you receive an email from us.   The emails will be checked, but not responded to as quickly as in the past.  

There is a box coming from the UK that will be a great way to welcome WsK to its new home.

A partially sad time as we have been in Rhode Island for a while now, and have flown at one of the best places in the US to fly a kite a LOT
(Brenton Point State Park in Newport,RI).

But, moving up to Massachusetts will bring new friends, new fields, resurrect friendships, and like always great times outdoors!

See you in another state!

Good winds


Scott Hampton items are going fast!

If you are wanting to get a piece made by Scott Hampton grab one while you can! There is not much left at this moment!!!
(1 kite, 2 blades, 1 banner set, 1 13' banner)
Scott spent a few months working on his Masterpiece Revolution kites so there might not be much available from him for a bit -
he needs to fill up his stocks again!

But, a rumor is that he might be bringing back some of his older styled display items like
(thanks to aggressive requests ;) from a certain Brit!)

We can also get a few more banners from him - he has found a stash in his shed that might fill some of your needs!

Keep checking back to see what appears!!!!

Also do not forget about the other makers we carry as well:
Robert Van Weers, Karl Longbottom, Ty Billings, Mike Dallmer, Boreal Kites!

Good winds!
Spring is here in the States!!!!


A friend changes for the future!

So, our friends over at Gone With The Wind Kites, in Chico California, have graciously hosted the largest, most active kite (and related-albeit sometimes unrelated) forum on the internet.

As of last night GWTW has made a significant change.

With probably close to 7 digits of posts on their forum the decision was made to shut it down. A server change ensued, new forum software and a new web address and a new forum has been started.

The old forum is being left live -but in read only form- until April 1st (planning for one heck of an joke by Loof Lirpa???) so you can download/copy/try to save the info that you wish on there. There is a project in place to save the old threads if at all possible-time will tell about this.

But, come and join us on the new GWTW forum at its new location!

You can find WsK as the Single Line Kite section moderator/resident expert.

By the by: one of the new friendlier aspects is that the new forum can be read without becoming a member -as opposed to the previous one- so come on in and browse the huge amount of kiting knowledge in there!

Good winds!



Scott Hampton's Masterpiece Revs!!!

If you are a Revolution kite flyer AND a lover of Scott Hampton's designs you might want to head over to Revolution's website and check out their newest Masterpiece Revs!

They are not cheap, but they are definitely very cool and each one is one of a kind!

There are less than 2 digits of them left so get them while you can!
(Scott is a good friend and we do not even have one!)

Good winds



Another kitemaker to look forward to:

Gill Bloom is a fantastic kite maker who puts an enormous mount of time and effort on the skin of the kite she is making. Not that the overall kite is lacking, it is just that Gill is known for hand dyeing to her specific color design and then appliqueing the kite skin. The kites that she ends up with have a wonderful depth of color and design!

We are going to be getting a box of kites and windsocks from her. The first windsocks that Windswept Kites has had. These are special. Perfect for any kiteflyer, or for anyone with a good sense of humor!
Yep, the classic idea of flying pigs. These are the nicest flying pigs that we have seen offered out there in the market!
Also, there is a handful of her Koi windsocks. It can be said that her Koi windsocks are the most realistic we have seen! Amazingly life like (even the size would be of an advanced age koi too)!

Then, rolled up in the bottom of that box is a special packet of 4 kites that are being made just for Windswept Kites. Gill offered to do some 24" square kites with her one-of-a-kind artisitc flowers on them. Great for the gardner in your life, who happens to fly kites as well! These will be great to add to the sky, or to hang on a wall (although they will look best backlit by the sun).

Gill's website is located here: Skyblooms If you happen to wander over to it and find anything that you like that has not been ordered feel free to drop us a line and we can get that added to the box!

Good winds everyone!!!


Officially Ty Billing's kites are for sale!

We received a box of kites from Ty Billings, of High As A Kite,
a box of brand new test-flown-once beautiful kites!

For those of you who know of Ty and his kites you know the beauty of his kites
and how well they fly.

For those new fliers: you get to see some kites that have not been available in about 10 years!
Fantastic tye dyed skins, basic rokkaku platforms so they fly very very well.

We are extremely proud to bring out these kites-they embody exactly what Windswept Kites is all about: getting those cool kites out to everyone!

Go and check out www.windsweptkites.com for the rare chance
to bring one of Ty's kites into your home!

Hang it on a wall if you wish or get out there and fight in a Rok battle with it;
these kites look beautiful doing either!

Check out the other kite makers offerings, and the Yard Sale as well, because the best kite flying season is coming up soon!


The Christophe Tournay Leaf kite

We were advised of a couple of issues with the downloadable folder of the plan, build pictures, and template.  

The first was that the instructions were saved in a .docx format -> that is MS Word 2007 formatting.   That has now been reformatted to a more accessible MS Word 2005 version.

The second issue was that the pdf of the Leaf's outline was missing.   That has now been fixed as well.

We hope that some of you are adding this plan to your kite building list!   It is a cool kite that is very simple to make!!!!
Here is the direct link: http://www.windsweptkites.com/Leaf.html

Bon vent


Hmm....lots of colors........

Well the box arrived. Some of the nicest kites we have ever seen!

Two limited edition kites (both were only runs of 5 kites) and some great color.

Keep your eyes peeled for changes on Windswept Kites in the next few days!


What do you PLAN to do?

Please welcome the next step at Windswept Kites. A section of the site devoted to plans for building kites and wind related things.

On the right side of the front page you will notice a link that says -wait for it- Plans.
Click on that and you will be brought to the new part of the website that is devoted to plans from our kite makers. Some of these might be familiar designs to you, and some might be new. Some of these might be great for anyone to try to make (the Christophe Tournay Leaf) and some might be for the experienced kite builder (kitebuilder.com forum's Popeye's Enigma cellular piece).

The link takes you to a page that that has an autobiographical section on the kite maker, information on the kite as well as a link at the bottom to download a zipped folder of instructions and pictures.

If you have a plan you would like to share please contact us and we can host it up there for you - all we require is a biography, and nothing else. Share the information!

Keep an eye out for changes that are coming this spring to our website!!!!

Good Winds Everyone!!!!


A new guy on the block!

Think back through some of the cool single lines kites that you might have seen in the past. 
Way back (okay like 10 years)
Back to a time of lots of color, and great applique!  

Then you hear that the maker is gone, and their kites are all gone too.  
There were rumors as to what happened, but unsubstantiated.

Fast forward to 2009.  
One of the big names of kite making has gone on an archaeological for Windswept Kites.  
A dig into his archives.  
What will he find during this excursion?  
I have a hint:

Soft colors
tye dye
soft uncoated ripstop
glasform frame

One of our favorite kite makers!  
One who you cannot have enough of their kites!!!

Think on this while the box arrives here and everything gets photographed.

This is super special stuff that is will never be offered ever again (just be cause we are getting all of it!).

Good Winds!


Pictures of a tradition & the Current Yard Sale

So for the last 12 years every New Years Day we have gone out and flown kites at Brenton Point State Park in Newport. Sometimes there are 30 people out there with us-sometimes 3.......

This was one of the 3 more people times. Windchill pushing -1, wind gusting up to 30mph made for an interesting fly. Dave Johnson came out, Sue and Steve (my adopted mum and dad) came out (this being something like their 27th straight New Years Day Fly), and Ron Kitt of Kitt's Kites came out, but alas none of us stayed out in the wind for long!

The Martin Lester Spirit Man was chosen for the fly for two main reasons:
  • a soft kite can take the wind gusts better (and no assembly time!)
  • the Spirit was flown in honor of a friends father who passed away this December
  • well maybe three reasons-the Spirit is just cool too!!!!
Here are a few pix of the day

Quite cold and barren looking, huh? More indicative of the northern Tundra! But it still was fun.

We have added to the Yard Sale.
A few more kite owners have decided to have us help sell off their collections.
The current yard sale list is located:

You can now also access the page directly from the front page of WindsweptKites.com as well.

If you happen to know of anyone looking to sell off a collection, or part thereof and they are looking for help with that feel free to drop us a note-
We Can Help!

There is web work to do, new kite makers to add, archival information to be posted....just a couple of things on the plate. But, it is all good.

Here's to a wonderful 2009!

Good Winds


Please Read this and pass it along!

Happy New Year everyone!
This is sadly the way the year is starting off in the global kite world:
This letter is from our friends (and at least one of our kite makers is involved in this situation).   It is a serious offense in the kite industry to have this happen, there is not money to be made in this industry-so for a company to be blatantly stealing designs and then not owning up to it and shirking all contact about this sucks.

We are kite designers and builders.

Some of us develop our new designs professionally to support our income, and some of us make kites for fun. All of us love what we do and to share creations with our friends in the kite world. We are proud of our designs and work very hard to make them.

We are surprised, disappointed, and offended that the German manufacturer, KEWO, has copied our work and is selling them commercially. They do this without our permission, without compensation, and without even giving us credit for the many hours needed to make a new kite fly.

For many of us, this issue is not about money, but about the simple idea that stealing our designs for commercial gain is wrong and should not be tolerated by the kite community. And of course, the copies are often inferior which makes the problem worse.

We have asked KEWO to stop and they simply ignore our letters and emails. Some of us only asked that our names be noted as the inventor of a design and didn't ask for money. KEWO even denied this simple request!

This problem affects all kiters. If we are copied now, you may be copied in the future. And of course, there is less encouragement for any of us to work on new designs knowing that a manufacturer with no sense of honesty or honor can simply steal them.

It is impossibly expensive to patent each new kite design and lawyers take time and money with uncertain results, especially when dealing on a global basis.

We prefer to address this in the Court of Kiters rather than a Court of Law.

To ask you not to buy our kites from KEWO is against German law. But we hope that you will understand our irritation, frustration and incomprehension.

Please share this news with your kite friends. Tell kite storeowners, club officers, and event organizers. Please join us in objecting to KEWO Kopies!

Stealing from one of us is stealing from all of us!

Robert van Weers New Zealand
Ludovico Bertozzi Italy
Geoff Cambell New Zealand
Franchesca Caton United Kingdom
Peter Lynn New Zealand
Martin Lester United Kingdom
Charlie Watson New Zealand
Frank Schwiemann Germany
Please pass this along everywhere you can! (We do ask that you do a quick search to see if it has been posted yet on forums and to not double post).

Hope that this year treats everyone well!!!!

Good Winds