Happy Holidays everyone!

Here at Windswept Kites we wish everyone out there a wonderful holiday!   
Hopefully that gift that you REALLY wanted is the one wrapped up right now with your name on it.
Good winds
rob et al


iFlites on their way

More of the newest phenomenon indoor kite, Patrick Tan's iFlite, are on the way.   Hopefully we will get them in time to ship some back out for the holidays.  What better way to spend Christmas day then flying an iFlite around the tree, kitchen, and holiday revellers.

Keep an eye on this blog or the windswept kites Facebook page for news.


New kite alert!

The new kite to get is the iFlite made by layangman in Singapore.    Our shipment just arrived,  check the website to see when his page gets uploaded.

A super sweet indoor fighter style kite at a great price,  these will go quickly!

Good winds


Brasington Workshop recap

Robert does not know i took this one :)
Well now....it has been 5 days since Robert headed back out of here.   
He is safely back in Tasmania, with his bags a little lighter!   

I cannot begin to guess at how many miles were traveled to get here but we made 17 Concentrix kites, and 11 Wind Tulip Kinetic spinners, sold some more kites, flew some sweet indoor kites (on order btw!) and had a LOT of laughs.  Other fun things to note are that we had three people who had never made a kite before take part, and also that Robert got to see the Stanley Cup up close and personal!
   The Hastings House staff loved having us there, and the question from both kite makers and the HH staff was "when is the next one?" answer: it is in the works.....

Here are some pictures to share

Beth and I want to say thank you to everyone who took part in the workshops.   
We enjoyed having you, and hope you all had fun too!   
See you at the next one!


Yard Saling

The Yard Sale has been updated again.   
There are some new pieces in there, some AMAZING pieces, and some new prices too.
A big box kite made by Bill Lockhart, pieces from Normand Girard, Ruth Whiting, sport kites and more!!!
Check it out, there is not much there right now, so grab it while you can!


We are up here getting ready for the Workshop weekend with Robert Brasington.   
The amount of colors that will be in the Hastings House workspace will be WONDERFUL!   
I am certain that there will be lots of pictures to follow!

Good winds


NH bound...

Heading up to Coppal House Farm in Lee, NH this Saturday to fly at their corn maze.
Come on up and check us out!!!



Prices have been dropped on a few kites from the Longbottom collection for a bit of time.

  • The Angel series are amazing beautiful kites that are beautiful enough to hang in an office and they also fly like a dream as well.   Keep one in your bag for a memorial flight, or add a neat kite to your night fly.   We only have a couple of each of these so, if this kite tempts you grab it while you can!
  • Pterodactyls are a bit lower as well, we picked up a handful from Karl and Sara in Dieppe and these guys are looking to climb into your bags.   Awesome flyers, they are also great to use as part of your Halloween decorations too!
Kites are coming and going all the time here; so keep checking back, or subscribe to the rss feed (link on the right) to get the most current news sent to your email box.

Good winds


new kites, new old kites too

New kites added up onto the website.....have you checked them out yet?
The Pipa fighter from Karl Longbottom, pterodactyls, doves as well.
Handful of new pieces from Robert Brasington, including a new kinetic piece.

The Yard Sale has some new pieces in there as well, including a gorgeous original Bill Lockhart box kite (more on this later).

Hopefully if you were in the path of Hurricane Irene you made it through okay, we had a bit of a blow and a bit of rain, not too bad.

Good winds


You like to fight? like birds? like dinosaurs? like to sew?

Well, we have all three in from Karl Longbottom, as well as a couple of Swan kite kits.
Go and check them out over at his page:

New things are coming up!
good winds



Windswept Kites is headed up to Dieppe, New Brunswick for their festival!
New kites will be picked up from a couple of kite makers :D
So.....make sure to check back here or the website in a couple of weeks!!!!

There are some new Yard Sale kites going up soon as well, some very special creations......

Bon vent everyone


Update on the Brasington workshops in October!

@7/13 7:45am
Wow, the response was great!  
Registration closed 6 hours after the first person signed up (Thank you Kevin!)

We are able to open the registration up for 5 more spots for each workshop.

Please email me, and I can then I can send a paypal invoice to you for the deposit.
I am sure that these will go very fast, and I will say that the other classmates are going to be a blast!

Head over to the website to grab the email:

Good winds


Brasington Workshop update

As of July 12th at 1:30pm the workshops are full.   
Please send an email if you wish to be put on a waiting list.

Thank you everyone!

Workshop update -7/12 @ 1:00pm

As of 7/12/11 @1:00pm 
The Saturday Workshop is FULL.

If you wish to be put on a waiting list please email me: 

Good winds!
thanks you everyone


October Brasington Workshops!!!!!

October 8th & 9th, 2011, we will be hosting Robert Brasington here on the lovely North Shore of Massachusetts!!!
Robert is a master kite maker from Tasmania who has a very distinctive style of colors and patterns that make beautiful kites!!!   He is taking a couple of days off of his traveling schedule for this workshop for us.

You will have the chance to make one of his Concentrix kites, or a spinning Wind Tulip 
(see the picture above) at each of the workshops.   
Some people decided to stick around and take both classes,  if their schedule allows.

These two days are limited to 16 people all together (that means 8&8 of course) 
so if you want to get into one of these get in quickly!
I will be keeping a waiting list in case someone backs out, and the open spot will fall to the next person in line.

Please see the official page on Windsweptkites.com for more details.

Good winds!



Are you going to Newport?   Newport RI???  
Well....maybe you should.

This upcoming weekend is the Newport Kite Festival.   
This is one of the best kite festivals around the country.......in one of the prettiest spots!

We will be down there....again (some where around festival #14 for me).

If you are going and there is anything you would like to purchase let me know and it can be tossed into the vehicle for a pickup - nothing like hand delivery!

Good winds

See you on the field!!!



Check this out:

We have Will Sturdy's new single line kite on hand.
These are big gliding kites that are meant to be used indoors or outdoors in xUL wind conditions.

They are quite responsive for their size and can glide quite a distance with ease.   

These are all microcarbon, flat carbon, and icarex handmade by a master kite builder!!!

The Chiropteras are 137$ shipped in the US.
By the by: each kite comes with a .25$ back too!!!

Welcome to summer everyone (in the northern hemisphere)


Quick updates!

Welcome to the sunny summer time!

We just received a box of Chiropteras from Sturdy Designs.   
These xUL gliders looks phenomenal!!!   
The webpage will be updated soon to reflect this shipment.

What are you doing in October 2011 the weekend of the 8th/9th?   
We will be having a couple of workshops here in Massachusetts with Robert Brassington!!!!   
This will be the first time that Robert has come up here to teach us little people!   
More info will be announced as it comes in, but this will be a fast filling weekend of classes!!

We will be trying to bring kite makers in for workshops into the Northeast more often.   

Good winds


Ty Billings Kites!!!!!

A stash of new kites made by Ty Billings has been uncovered!   
These are old stock kites that had never been unrolled since they were made and they are beautiful!!!!!

There are Dancing Bear Arch Eddy kites; these are able to be flown individually or connect their bowlines together to form an arch.   These are all appliqu├ęd, with Ty's trademark tye-dyed material on the neck of each bear.   There are only a handful of these, so if you want one email to claim one quick!

There are also two of Ty's Yotzu kites.   
He did a lot of research on this design and kept tweaking it until it flew just right.   
These are neat shapes, that are bursting with color.   
Head over to Windswept Kites to find these treasures!

These are only a handful of the newly arrived kites we have on hand.  
Looking for a deal?   
Make sure to check out the Yard Sale too!   Some new items were just added in there.


Welcome to spring!

Well, with out 6' tall snowbanks melting down to 4' ones it certainly feels like spring.   We hope that you all made it through the holiday season with lots of fun!

If you have not checked out the website in a bit, you might want to!   There are new prices in the Yard Sale and some good deals over the rest of the site too.

The limited edition prints by Scott Hampton are going, and once they are gone there are no more!!!   So if you want to put real kite art on your walls here is your chance!

Looking forward to warm sun gentle breezes and good friends, see you on the field!