Windswept Kites is getting ready to move!

We will be going off of email/internet access for about a week or so while everything is getting set up in the new place.   The website will be up and running, but if you order the items will not be shipped out until you receive an email from us.   The emails will be checked, but not responded to as quickly as in the past.  

There is a box coming from the UK that will be a great way to welcome WsK to its new home.

A partially sad time as we have been in Rhode Island for a while now, and have flown at one of the best places in the US to fly a kite a LOT
(Brenton Point State Park in Newport,RI).

But, moving up to Massachusetts will bring new friends, new fields, resurrect friendships, and like always great times outdoors!

See you in another state!

Good winds


Scott Hampton items are going fast!

If you are wanting to get a piece made by Scott Hampton grab one while you can! There is not much left at this moment!!!
(1 kite, 2 blades, 1 banner set, 1 13' banner)
Scott spent a few months working on his Masterpiece Revolution kites so there might not be much available from him for a bit -
he needs to fill up his stocks again!

But, a rumor is that he might be bringing back some of his older styled display items like
(thanks to aggressive requests ;) from a certain Brit!)

We can also get a few more banners from him - he has found a stash in his shed that might fill some of your needs!

Keep checking back to see what appears!!!!

Also do not forget about the other makers we carry as well:
Robert Van Weers, Karl Longbottom, Ty Billings, Mike Dallmer, Boreal Kites!

Good winds!
Spring is here in the States!!!!


A friend changes for the future!

So, our friends over at Gone With The Wind Kites, in Chico California, have graciously hosted the largest, most active kite (and related-albeit sometimes unrelated) forum on the internet.

As of last night GWTW has made a significant change.

With probably close to 7 digits of posts on their forum the decision was made to shut it down. A server change ensued, new forum software and a new web address and a new forum has been started.

The old forum is being left live -but in read only form- until April 1st (planning for one heck of an joke by Loof Lirpa???) so you can download/copy/try to save the info that you wish on there. There is a project in place to save the old threads if at all possible-time will tell about this.

But, come and join us on the new GWTW forum at its new location!

You can find WsK as the Single Line Kite section moderator/resident expert.

By the by: one of the new friendlier aspects is that the new forum can be read without becoming a member -as opposed to the previous one- so come on in and browse the huge amount of kiting knowledge in there!

Good winds!



Scott Hampton's Masterpiece Revs!!!

If you are a Revolution kite flyer AND a lover of Scott Hampton's designs you might want to head over to Revolution's website and check out their newest Masterpiece Revs!

They are not cheap, but they are definitely very cool and each one is one of a kind!

There are less than 2 digits of them left so get them while you can!
(Scott is a good friend and we do not even have one!)

Good winds



Another kitemaker to look forward to:

Gill Bloom is a fantastic kite maker who puts an enormous mount of time and effort on the skin of the kite she is making. Not that the overall kite is lacking, it is just that Gill is known for hand dyeing to her specific color design and then appliqueing the kite skin. The kites that she ends up with have a wonderful depth of color and design!

We are going to be getting a box of kites and windsocks from her. The first windsocks that Windswept Kites has had. These are special. Perfect for any kiteflyer, or for anyone with a good sense of humor!
Yep, the classic idea of flying pigs. These are the nicest flying pigs that we have seen offered out there in the market!
Also, there is a handful of her Koi windsocks. It can be said that her Koi windsocks are the most realistic we have seen! Amazingly life like (even the size would be of an advanced age koi too)!

Then, rolled up in the bottom of that box is a special packet of 4 kites that are being made just for Windswept Kites. Gill offered to do some 24" square kites with her one-of-a-kind artisitc flowers on them. Great for the gardner in your life, who happens to fly kites as well! These will be great to add to the sky, or to hang on a wall (although they will look best backlit by the sun).

Gill's website is located here: Skyblooms If you happen to wander over to it and find anything that you like that has not been ordered feel free to drop us a line and we can get that added to the box!

Good winds everyone!!!