Who wants to fly indoors?

Well...on the site there might be a couple of new items that you should check out!

iFlites, iPrey and Feathers......
What a selection to choose from to build up your indoor bag!

The Feathers (two sizes Midi & Micro available) are angelic gliders...so light....transparent...and floating on the tiniest breath of wind or lack of wind!

The iFlite family has a new design: the iPrey is a super fun gliding kite that will not last long.   Not last long in that there is a seriously small limited amount of them.   Over two painstaking hours goes into each iPrey, and they are worth it!   These are fantastic, and come in a handful of colors.

Check them, and grab them while you can!
There was a request awhile back about updating the posts on the xUL kites as there are new designs coming out.   Hopefully, this will happen very soon to show the expanded selection that have gone through our hands, and our experiences with them.