Coming up on the holidays!!!

Are you ready for the glut of shopping in big box stores full of aisles of the same items?  
How about turning that effort into supporting your small shops around you instead???   
Black Friday is looming, and lots will be appearing at the doors of the big stores before the break of dawn....but go and find local stores and support your community!   
Check out Small Business Saturday for business's near you that are taking part.

You can also order online from us any day of the year!   
We are chock full of special single line kites and great deals on some used kites - you would be surprised what is in the Yard Sale!   

We are fully stocked up on the new favorite the iFlite kites.   Grab one of Robert Brasington's fantastic pieces, a fun and active flyer from Karl Longbottom, a one of a kind Ty Billings creation or a one of a kind painted piece by Scott Hampton or Jacques Letourneau; there are lots of options ready to ship.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season, no matter where you are!

Good winds


Updated again......

Looking for a deal on a kite?  
The Yard Sale has been updated again with new prices and a bunch of new kites too (New to us kites).
Some classic Prism kites and others too....
Head on over to www.windsweptkites.com!