still a favorite....

Lots of kite flyers keep a kite in their car for spur of the moment flying....
A R-sky bird'x is mine.....I have always enjoyed the simple clean design.....the durability....the active flight that it gives in 2mph wind.
The bird'x is not a gliding kite in any sense.....just a very efficient skin design that gets it up and flying in low winds.....I have flown it a bit indoors, but prefer to be outside with this one.

It is not necessarily easy to find one......they can still be purchased from a couple of shops out there.

This is one kite that if you are looking into xUL active single line kites then try to bring a bird'x home...you will not be disappointed!
good winds


shhhhhhhhhh......quiet update

Welcome to fall! 
So, quietly Christophe updated, revisited, and added to the plan that he had provided for his Ginga kites.   
The Ginga family now has more sizes now!   
Head on over to the Plans page to get the new plans and instructions, and you can also get the original information folder as well.

Lets see...there is a bag of prism kites that will be up in the Yard Sale this week.....
another page will be updated with inventory (you get to find it - but it is a popular one)...
and we have started working with another kite maker in Germany who is shipping some kites our way now - more details on this soon!

Keep flying!