We are on Holiday!!!

July 26th to August 8th Windswept Kites will be closed.

Going off on holiday to Alaska! (the pups have scheduled their own holiday in NH- hmmmmm)

Yes, there is a kite packed already (going to try to fly it on a glacier!).

So....if you are interested in some item on the website during that time period you can email but the email will be replied to when we return in August.

All emails will be answered in the order whence they come.

Good winds everyone!



A new way to contact us!

Some of you might have noticed the new "WIDGET" on the side of the Windswept Kites blog.
That is part of a new google application Google Voice that we are testing out
You can click the Call Me button and put in your phone number and name and it will then ring YOUR phone and directly connect to Windswept Kites!!!

Right now it is set up to receive voicemail, but if this proves to be a used item then it might get a direct connect to the cell phone and us!!!!

This will also soon be added to the Windswept Kites website as well.

So please feel free to leave messages for us (a certain KONE member whose initials are R.R. already did! thanks for the test-sadly I will be in Alaska on that day).
Make certain to leave a phone number and an email address for us to get back to you on.


All the Aerial Art kites by Scott Hampton have now flown away!

Sadly we are all out of Scott's fabulous kites.
We will get more as soon as we can and as soon as Scott makes some more.

In the meantime we do have a selection of his banners in stock.
These are painted ripstop that come with the telescoping pole.
Great for the front yard, a party, a bazaar, a fundraiser, a wedding, the kite field, anytime you want to add some color!
Here is the page of banners


2 more gone....

If you are tempted by the High As A Kite dyed kites you might want to grab them while you can!!!!
There are two roks that are no longer here in our possession-they have moved on to fly with others....
That leaves two of Ty's kites left........



The Newport Kite Festival!!!!

So this will be somewhere in the double digits for us to attend this festival.
It is a great festival at a phenomenal location with lots of good people!!!!

July 11th/12th
in Brenton Point State Park in Newport RI will be the annual kite festival.
This festival has been going on for almost 30 years now! It was originally split off from the Black Ships Festival back in the '80s and turned into its own identity. This festival was taken over by Sue Moskowitz, of High Flyers Flight Co, and Steve Santos, AKA Regional Director for a number of years. When High Flyers closed at the end of 2005 the future of the festival was dubious. But an old friend has taken the festival upon his shoulders, and we wish Scotty the best of the best!!!!.

There are people coming from all over (and we do seriously meant that) for this festival. You never know who you might be flying next to!

WindsweptKites will be there on Saturday only.
Lots of kites in hand (some might even have dog fur on them! good thing that blows right off when you fly them!).
If there is anything specific you would like to see, or grab please feel free to get a hold of us or drop us a line before hand!
(look for the grey tarp thing with Dallmer Duckies around it thats us!)

For a map to Brenton Point click here.
For a link to the official website on the festival click here.

See you there!!!!