A Birthday SALE!!!

Sam, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, has worked in the kite industry as long as we have!!!

(yes that was his lunch box for work)

This Friday, August 14th, Sammy is turning 15 years old!
Yep, an old man corgi!!!

In honor of this birthday we have put a couple of kites on sale.

The last of Ty Billing's creations is on sale for 15% off their original price.
(on one kite that is $30 bucks, and the other kite is is over $100 dollars off!)

These two kites are the last that we have from Ty.
Honestly, they are most likely the last two brand new, unflown of his kites in the world.

So: Sammy the kite dog says "get them while you can!" and if you have a dog friend make sure to give them a pat for Sammy.

Woof woof