spot light on a kite maker - Merritt Beck

Merritt Beck is a kite maker whose name I had heard over the years, but had never seen any of his kites.  
 In the last bulk consignment lot for the Yard Sale there happened to be 3 of his kites.   

I googled his name to see if I could learn more about him and his kites.   
Sadly, the first thing that I learned was that he had just passed away in October at the age of 95.   I wish that I had been offered the chance to meet him and comment on his kites.

While popping open kites to photograph them i found these spectacularly colored kites that were impeccably sewn!   
But, sewn with red and green thread.....a trademark of Merritt's.

If you happen to be a collector of kites, or just want a very nice kite to add to your collection here is your chance.   
These three kites have never been flown and are beautiful!

KS83: ~3' snowflake  $120*

KS84: ~12' Delta V $200*

KS85: ~12' DC $200*

The deltas are framed in 1" square basswood spars (ala Sun Oak Kites) and are going to be fun to ship!   The leading edges do not break down.   The snowflake is a smaller much easier to ship package.

These kites are probably the only ones out there in such pristine condition.   If you do not grab these while you can right now, you will probably never get the chance to again!!!

Drop an email to claim one or all of them!!!
Good winds!

*prices do not include shipping.


Holidays and Blizzards

Hello everyone!
We have gotten through one holiday weekend and a blizzard.   
Now we are looking at one more holiday weekend and a move!   

Yep, we are moving!!!!  Just around the corner a bit though.

Feel free to keep ordering, and emailing questions.   
We will be on top of communications as much as we can be with the 
internet being up and down et al.

Hopefully, every one of you got what you were hoping for over the gift giving season - 
 if not, we have a bunch of great great kites looking for homes!
In case you have not heard it enough:

"Have a happy and happy holiday!"
Good winds.
We hope to see you in the new year!



New Kite Alert!!!!!

Robert Brasington's box of kites have arrived! 
We scurried to get them on the website before Christmas!  
Who would not want a special Kindness of Strangers under their tree?

Or one of Robert's new kite; The Electric Slim - BUT in a special color pattern?
I know that I would LOVE that (hint hint family and friends ;) )

Head on over to Windswept Kites
find Robert's page (yes you have to see the other kite makers we have as well) 
and see what we have got!  

The kites from Robert are sure to be all special one of a kind kites!
Shipping via USPS priority mail for the US is included in the price!!!

Good winds

New kites in time for the holiday!

We just received in a packet of kites from Karl Longbottom. 

These are all individual one-of-a-kind hand dyed kites.
They are great for popping into a suitcase, briefcase, or backpack to carry along your travels, or as a car kite too.
Fantastic flyers these kites will light up the sky everywhere!
You have two color schemes to choose from: Hot or Cool.   Both colors look great!
These kites retail for 67$ shipped in the US via Priority Mail 
(if you order soon they might make it to your house for Friday!).
Head over to Windswept Kites to claim one (and some other nice kites too!)

Keep checking the website out for changes and new kites!
Happy holidays to everyone


The Yard Sale

The Yard Sale has been updated again!  

You will see that there is a new format; this one is a little easier for us to work in
 and also it does not take as long for your computer when you click into it.   
You can also see the pictures of what you want to see.

There are sections for single line kites, for dual line kites, for quad lines, 
and also for the line laundry/ground display/banners/other kite related items.

A quick list of some of what you might find:
fighter kites 
Windfeather banners 
Peter Lynn giants 
Prism sport kites 
 Guildworks items 
Historic kites! 
Catch the Wind spinsocks 
kites that had not been opened since they were first made

Wander on in, you never know what you might find!

Reminder: the Yard Sale is updated on an ongoing basis.   
Usually, any updating of the Yard Sale (or of any part of the website) will also be associated with a blog post here, but sometimes items get sneaked in.   Seriously , you never know what might pop in there or when!

If you happen to have a pile of kites that you are no longer flying, in need of money, 
or just want to pass some kites along and need some help with it please drop us a line!  
We have been helping people to sell used/preloved/unwanted kites 
and kite related items for over three years now.   
We have the knowledge, we have the drive to do it, 
and we are set up to ship kites every day (well except Sundays - thats football)

Good winds


GINGA part 2

Big thanks go out to Christoph and to kitebuilder Imagin!
We are back in business with the Ginga.
Head on over to: http://www.windsweptkites.com/ginga.html and you can download a folder that has the info as well as two templates!!!!

Lets see what you guys are going to make from this.   
Please send any/all pictures of finished kites to info@windsweptkites.com so we can share them.

Good winds



Weatherproof decals are in stock and ready to fly to you!

These decals are 3x4 inches and can be stuck on water bottles, cars, kite cases, people, kayaks, SUP boards, laptops, you name it!   Show the world what you love to do!
$3.00 for one mailed to you in the US, we can make a deal if you want more too.

Want to purchase one?  
Head over to the Lafney designs page on the website!

Good winds


Ceewan's Plutz kites!


You can now find Ceewan's phenomenal Plutz kites for sale
on his page of Windswept Kites!

These kites excel at a smooth gliding flight!   
They are best for no wind/indoor or up to about 4mph of wind.   
 Very light framing and a great design 
keep these kites up in the air when not much else is flying.
Here is a video showing how well they do:

There are three sizes of them, 
but only the Large and the Standard sizes are in stock right now.

These kites are going fast, so grab them while you can!   
The indoor season is almost upon us up here in the Northeast!!!

Good winds!


We are back...and the sales continue

Back from the vacation, and we are jumping straight back in with both feet.
The Yard Sale has been updated.   
There are a couple of new kites, as well as some discounted prices too! 
Grab them while you can!

Keep checking out the website and the blog for changes that are occuring!
Good winds



Windswept Kites will be closed from September 29th to October 17th.   
Any and all orders, emails, requests, complaints will be handled  in the order received as promptly as we can when we return!

Good winds!

shh...you might see us at Seaside!


Argh. Ginga plan needs to be tweaked.

For those of you interested in the plans to make the Ginga kite, 
Christoph has requested the plan be pulled down as he tweaks it.

We want the plan to work as well as it can for all of you.

There is a couple of discussions on the forums right now about this kite:

The plan will be back up as soon as it is fixed up.

Here are a bevy of pictures of the High aspect and the Vented versions, as well as some not-so-great videos.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Good winds


Attention kite builders: a new plan added!

Designed by 
Christoph Tournay

The Ginga is the next set of plans we are offering.   
This is a neat neat UL kite, that is based upon a fighter kite.   
But, it is enlarged and tweaked and contorted as well. 
The spine is curved front to back, and the spreader is made of two different materials to provide a curve not available from either separately! 

There are 4 versions of this design that Christoph has made: 
the small, standard and stretched versions are pictured above.   
There is also a vented version as well.   

The Stretched is a higher aspect version.  It is more of a gliding kite than the others.
The small is most fighter kite like, faster than the others.
The vented is not for high winds, it is for very smooth flying in those ultra light wind conditions (you know the type with small gusts buggering things up).

If you are int he New England area and want to try them out please let me know.  
I have a vented and a stretched in the bag at almost all times. 

If you make one of these (or more) please share pictures with me!   
Christoph loves to see more of his kites out there, as do the rest of us.   
Your pictures will be posted online.

You can find the plan here: Windsweptkites.com/Plans.html
Just click on the image of the kite you wish to build and you will get to read more about the design.  
Then if you are tempted, click on the link  and you will download a compressed folder of plans and pictures.

Okay, get out your dremels, sewing machines, hot cutters, and get your printer ready for a few pages; now go and get cracking!

Bon vent!


Yard sale updated

The Yard Sale has been updated again.
A few more kites have arrived!   Some nice ones too!!!

A couple of Martin Lester 20' Spirit Men, 
an original Peter Lynn 20' Octopus,
a 50' Shannon foil, some Guildworks kites....

Come on over and check them out!

(at the bottom of the page)

Good winds!


CEEWAN's Pointers!

The Pointers have arrived!!!!

This is the first one here in the States!
(these are a size between Premier Kites' Pointer and Skyburner's GEOPointer!)

They came out great!
I cannot wait to get one out tomorrow into the wind,
with pictures of course.

Grab them while you can as there was only a few of each color in the first batch.

The Pointer kites are designed for a very wide wind range.  
In very light winds you have two small spreaders mid way down the skin and the pigtail at a low point.  
In higher winds you remove the accessory spreaders and attach the pigtail up higher.

You can order these two ways:

1. Framed and ready for you to put your line on and fly.
2. SKIN and tension lines only.
You will need to frame it, but it is a discounted price
(preferred frame is SkyShark p200 and p90s and a few bits and bobs).

You can learn more at Ceewan's Page on Windswept Kites.

Next blog post for Windswept Kites will be about Ceewan's Plutz kites. They came in too!

Good winds


More Guildworks kites!

A batch of Guildworks kites came up.   Some great ones to add to a collection!!!! 
  • Ty Billings dyed Minergies, 
  • X-handles
  • Zero winds minergies
These, and more, are all in the Yard Sale

Also, some of the webpage has been updated silently, did anyone notice?   
There is more coming this week as well!!!

Check out the website and see if you can find some!

Good winds


Orders on the way

Got two shipments on the way to us right now.

1. A good sized box of Pointers, Plutz2s and a couple of Large Plutzs coming in from Malaysia from the desk of Ceewan.  
Lots of choices to go over!

2. A hand delivered box coming in from Karl Longbottom that has Swan kite KITS, Large Pterodactyls, and Mini Mad Hatas.  

Lots of fun and great designs on their way.

We ship international, just contact us for shipping costs.
Good winds everyone


Garden sale! Garden? well sort of!!!

We have to get some of Gill's kites and windsocks out there!!!
So, more than 10% off on items from Gill Bloom. 

Her expertly dyed-then-appliqued flower kites 
are a great way to bring color into the air (or onto an office wall).

Her koi windsocks are second to none! Trust us we have had lots of fish windsocks in our hands over the year - there have been none that match Gill's for quality and design!
Yes, the flying pig windsocks are on sale as well!

Kites are marked down to 48$, and that includes shipping in the states, and windsocks are down to 18$, shipping included as well.

So, if these are tantalizing you at all head on over to the Skyblooms page on Windsweptkites.com and grab them while you can!

Good winds!


Ceewan's Pointer Kites!!!! Special size and colors!

These are MID sized Pointer Kites direct from Ceewan

At just over 13' they are bigger then the Pointers from Premier,
but smaller than Skyburner's GeoPointer.

We are running a pre-order page for you.
You have a choice of 5 colors (see below)
as well as two different ways that you get the kite:

1. Full kite, framed and ready to put your line on.   The pre-order price on this is 170$ shipped to you in the States (contact us for international orders).   The regular retail price on this option will be 200$ so grab these while you can!!!

2. The kite kit.   The kit will come with bridle, skin and the rod sewn into the bottom of the skin.   You will need to get rods to frame this!   The recommended frame is SkyShark p200 and p90's, with a couple of 2mm solid carbon rods and a few pieces of hardware, but you can frame it any way you like.  The pre-order price on this is 95$ shipped in the States, and its regular price will be 115$.

So, check out the picture below of the color options (the Flame color might not come in, so please keep that in mind but feel free to ask for it) and head over to the Windswept Kites web page for Ceewan and put your order in!  The estimated shipping is the end of July as these kites have a long way to come from Malaysia!

We also will be getting in the Plutz gen2 from Ceewan in the same packet, as well as a couple of the Large Plutz's as well!

More kites are also on order from Karl Longbottom too.

Good winds!



New kite alert!!!!!!!!
We are bringing in kites from kisa!
At this moment we just have the production Scubadoo (also the only kite that we offer that has line included and is ready to fly!)


The Scubadoos are good for indoor flying, outdoor flying, tethered to the top of a telescoping banner pole, and even underwater "flying".
One of the more adaptive kites ever!

At under 40$ ready to fly it is a great item to add to your bag!

Get out there and fly!!!


That gorgeous Bobby Stanfield cellular kite......

You can own this spectacular kite!!! 
This is the final price drop on the Stanfield.   
If no one grabs this kite up at 600$ then it is going back off the market. 

 The neat stuff:
This is 1 of only 4 kites.   Bobby only made 4 of this specific kite.  Two were sold on the East coast, and two were on the West coast.  The other East coast kite flies on Horseneck Beach in Westport, Massachusetts.

Bobby made most of his own fittings.  To look at this kite you see it as a marvel of design.  He designed the kite so that it is very easy to adjust the tension on the skin, that way it looks the best at all times.

This is a massive cellular kite - it is about 7' tall, over 8' wide and almost 3' deep! 
The tail is a separate section.   This kite will fly without it, but does look more complete with it.  

This kite will look beautiful up flying in the wind, or hanging in a office or museum! 

This kite will definitely make you more popular on the kite field.

Are you a Florida Gators fan who loves flying single line kites?  Then this kite is very appropriate for you!

Links to more pictures: here  & here

Drop a note to us to claim this beauty!!!!  
Someone needs to take this home and display it!

Good winds to everone

*claim about this kite increasing our popularity might be stretching the truth a bit!



So.....some updates have occurred:
The last banner from Scott Hampton went to a new home this weekend.
New prices in the Yard Sale on some items are in place.
Sold items have been cleared off the Yard Sale (there might be one or two items pending sale though).
A new kite maker page is almost ready to launch.


it was a rainy but friend-ful day at Nahant for the the KONE regional event this past Saturday.  
We did have a fun time, just not exactly as expected!

Keep an eye peeled for the new page of kites!
Good winds


...and its over.......

Sale is all done for now.
Next week:
Kites by kisa of Germany

Ceewan's Plutz 2
Ceewan's Pointer kits

and maybe some other stuff

Off to Nahant, Mass, in the morning for the KONE Regional.  
Good wind, good friends, great to be flying!!!

Good winds!


Gentle Reminder of the sale

These are good until tomorrow!

Any item number that starts with SD is 10% off!
Purchase any two
Yard Sale items and you get a free I Fly t-shirt.

So...if you like older sport kites (revs included) you can get them at 10% off.
If you like our t-shirts AND want a couple of items then you can get that too!

(These promotions only last a little while - until June 11th, 2010, and do not apply to previous sales)


SALE in the Yard Sale

A sale is happening in the Yard Sale!

Any item number that starts with SD is 10% off!
Purchase any two
Yard Sale items and you get a free I Fly t-shirt.

So...if you like older sport kites (revs included) you can get them at 10% off.
If you like our t-shirts AND want a couple of items then you can get that too!

(These promotions only last a little while - until June 11th, 2010, and do not apply to previous sales)

We will be attending the KONE Regional Festival, on the Nahant Causeway on June 12th.   If you are going and would like an item or two or three please give a holler beforehand and we can be sure to bring it! (there will be new kites available before then too!)

Good winds!


"M" kite reviews: McBird & Manta

The McBird is a nice indoor/light outdoor wind kite.  Christine and Daniel work hard to make a lot of nice kites and this is definitely one of them.   All icarex and carbon tubes keeps the weight down.   Like a few other xUL (extra Ultra Light wind)) single lines there is a nicely designed pocket in the nose to accommodate a coin or two to produce more of a glide out of this kite.  
Rods are all attached to the skin with thin bungees for easily removal/assembly.
The flight is very easily controllable, although i have had a bit of trouble coaxing a flat spin out of it since the skin forms a deep keel at the spine when moving forwards.   Practice makes perfect though as I imagine if you wait a second or two before giving a tug to allow the kite skin to go slack much better spins would be the outcome.  
In terms of a gliding flight I have not had any change in my pockets (a normal occasion) to be ableto  drop another coin in there to help bring the nose down - but then I also like McBird as a better tracking and up-and-over kite, a little more active flying than other kites.
Overall, the McBird is a very good quality kite to add to your Light wind arsenal!
You can find more about McBird, how to order one, and about Christine and Daniel (and their projects as well) here at their website: http://lcvs.ca

The Manta, made by Hunter and Paul of Focus Kites Designs, is a scaled up, and tweaked version of their already well known xUL/indoor kite, the Skate.   Having owned a Skate for a couple of years I am very familiar with its flight characteristics, and quality; and both are top notch!   
Focus has a line of top end sport kites and the guys bring their designs into their single line kites as well.   
To start with, the Manta is not small!  It is over 10' wide and its spine is over 6' long.   That creates a vast area of skin that, along with its nice light framing, gets this kite up and flying in almost no wind.   Indoor flight is possible, but I would rather pull out my Skate since it is a bit more manageable in the areas I get to fly in now.  
The spreader has an adjustable bow line on it that is done in a very classy way with the tension being formed by a sliding and lockable splice (LOVE the knot-a-tool device of old!).   Simple clean pockets are very easy to put rod ends into and are reinforced with flat webbing as well.   The spine and leading edges are all 2 pieces so that the kite ends up folding and rolling into a bag around 48" tall, not bad for this bugger!   
Like the Skate, this kite is able to be tuned and adjusted for more of a gliding flight.   On the Skate there is a coin pocket in the nose, while on the Manta there is some brass tubing that is slid onto the nose end of the spine.    That will flatten the kite right out for when you want to play with it.   If you get out to your flying spot and there is just barely any wind pull the Manta out and get ready.   It will catch any gust (if you can call a 1mph wind a gust) and soar right up to as high as you let it.   Then as the wind drops off the Manta will settle backwards on its tail, if you have removed that brass weight, or start to become activly gliding around, with its weights in place.   a big kite in low winds will create a big grin!!!
The Manta is a definite kite to add to your bag that will bring a huge impact on a xUL wind day or situation!
To check out Focus' Manta and other kites head to: http://focuskites.com/

Good extra light winds to all!


New kites! Celtic Panels!

Coming from Portland, Maine, from the studio of Tony & Petra
come the newest offering on the website.  
These are lower winds panel kites that burst with color!   
These are the perfect size to fit into a window to add some kite art to your home or office as well as flying them!

They have a great light weight frame that allows them to absorb any gusts, but not like the traditional Japanese Edo's that you may have seen.

At 70$ shipped, in the States, these are a great deal, and a beautiful piece to add to your kite bag!
Personally, we like to fly them as a pair (there is a pair kite deal) since the colors will compliment each other.

Click here to go right to the new page and claim your colors!

These are only one of the handful of new items that are going to be coming out on the website int he next few weeks - so keep an eye peeled!

Good winds


Bobby Stanfield Cellular kite

Now to be honest this is not a one of a kind kite; this is a one of four of a kind kite.   Bobby made 4 of these amazing cellular kites.   Two were sold on the East Coast and two on the West coast.   The other East Coast one will not be sold (I know who has it), and the West coast ones - well I jave no clue where they are.   
But you could bring this kite to your region!   

This kite is in fantastic shape (and truthfully belongs in a museum!) and is ready to fly.   
Assembly takes about 10 to 15 minutes and then it is good to go.   

If you are not familiar with Bobby's work he is one of the best kite makers out there ever.   The sewing is perfect, 
the design is exquisite, 
the framing is one of a kind (he made a lot of his own fittings).

This kite can come to you for the price of 675$ + shipping.   
A veritable steal in the world of high end show single line kites.

You can find more pictures of the kite here: UNnamed Bobby Stanfield Cellular Kite
As well as pictures of how it goes together here: Stanfield Assembly

There are still some great deals in the Yard Sale, as well as some great kites available from Windswept Kites!

Good winds everyone!


A Box from Karl Longbottom arrived!

Restock on Pants -mens and womens- and an order of a bunch of Owls too.

If you might be interested in a nice kite for night flys,
or are just a fan of those big golden eyes then this is the kite for you!
(I will admit that the eyes won me over first)
Just click on the links above to be brought right to the webpage.

Off to go and fly now!
 Good winds


The Yard Sale....updated again!

Spring time is here.  

You have been climbing the walls because of the rain, snow, cold for the last 4 months.   


Go fly, and then take a wander through the Windswept Kites Yard Sale!
There are some great deals in there.   
Some old classic kites, 
some new fangled kites, 
some art kites, 
some amazing sport kites (that embody a few of these labels all at once).

Head over to www.windsweptkites.com 
At the bottom of the page you will find our Yard Sale sign.

 Then drop an email to us with the list of kites you want.

  (Payment for Yard Sale kites is either by check/money order or by paypal with a 4% fee - please contact us to arrange payment.   Yard Sale prices do not include shipping costs)

See you in the sun!



Found it!

The Karl Longbottom Owl is the perfect kite for any night fly you have coming up! 
It looks a lot like a barn owl with its disc face; but has the most endearing owl-ish eyes you have ever seen! 

This kite flys in a great variety of wind too! 
The wings are a modified Yakko wing shape where the wingtips (upper and lower) and tethered together and the wings blow backwards in the wind. 
This blowing backwards is a great part of its design since it can then shed off excess winds! (and at the same time create the effect of the wings flapping).

Previously we have done a special order for Karl's Owl so if this guy interests you please contact us and we can get you one!

Now get on out there and FLY!


Shirts are back in stock!

The shirt for all kite fliers!
The classic "Eye Fly Kites" is back in stock in ALL sizes!

Only 19.00$ shipped in the continental United States.
Please email us for other shipping options.

Get them off the main website, or from right here:


(fingers crossed that this paypal button works right! I am not certain if it will work when re-posted through Facebook)

Good winds!


Just a little reminder of some of the Yard Sale items we have!

A Guildworks Zerowind Truss 390$
Beautiful UL indoor/outdoor kite.  This one has a big presence!

A Bobby Stanfield cellular kite 675$
From Current Yard Sale
OUTSTANDING! You can see more pictures of it, and how it is assembled here:

A rare Ty Billings High As a Kite Yotzu 90$
From Current Yard Sale
This is a one of a kind kite that will fly awesome in all sorts of wind.

You can find more items here: The Yard Sale 
or go through the main website: Windswept Kites

Hope you are all enjoying the weather out there! Spring is coming fast here in the North East!
Good winds!


Saturday March, 20th

The first day of spring!   Where will you be?
We will be heading up to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, for a belated St. Patty's Day fly.  
If you are going, and there is some item you want drop an email and we will be certain to put it in the vehicle!

Happy St. Patrick's day everyone!


A couple more deals!

Item #cr16 the Fridolin Anders Bubber Version 2 is now down to $225
By the way this kite flies with its disc flat towards the ground.  The stacked up balls in the middle inflate and jostle a bit.   A VERY nice kite kite from a master kite maker!

Item #cr17 The HQ made Deca A-1 (Affordable 1) is now $125! This includes lines and handles.  This kite does need a .2100 Rod to replace one of the bow rods.   NEVER BEEN FLOWN!

Item #cr15 An original unflown Martin Lester Goose.   This kite had never been unwrapped, and also comes with a few spare ramen spars.   Life size (although I have worked with Canada Geese and think that this one is bigger than life!).

A few more nice nice kites to mull over!
Email us or call us to claim them! 
(look to the right column for the contact info)
Good winds!


That special kite deal is gone!

Good morning: 
Sorry to the late risers but that deal posted last night is already gone.
Keep an eye peeled for more to come!


Good deal on a handful of sportkites!

Okay, time to move some things in the Yard Sale:
Special deal on these 4 items....
cr6 Premier LME Falcon perfect $ 99.00
cr7 Premier Premier Avalon perfect $ 31.50
cr8 Premier Stingray hole in nose $ 16.20
cr9 Premier pulse missing both leading edges….all connectors in bag $ 10.00

Get ALL 4 kites for 75$ + shipping!   Heck the old style skyshark rods in the Falcon are worth that much!!!!
email us at info @ windsweptkites.com to be the first to claim them!!!

Keep an eye peeled here on the blog for all breaking news!!!

Good winds!


The Northeastern Kite events calendar now available!

I am working with a friend on a Northeast Kite events calendar
(spreads a little further than the just the Northeast but that is okay).

It is located here: http://snipurl.com/kitecalendar
There is also an rss newsfeed too, it is located here: http://snipurl.com/kitecalendarrss
You can also find it at the bottom of this blog all the time.

Feel free to use these anywhere you wish, and to share it with your family,
friends and neighbors.

Even though I have been working on this,
that does not mean that Windswept Kites will be at all of these events -ahhh if only!  
But, it will be posted here on the blog if we are going.

If you find errors, changes needed, or additions in it you would like to share please
contact me via email with date, time, location, contact person,
details (if anything else) and I can add you in there.

See you on the field!

Good winds



Sky Blooms

A packet arrived from the United Kingdom with the latest batch of kites from Gill Bloom!   Once again she has crafted an amazing set of kites picturing flowers from the US for us.   If you have seen her poppies/daisies/iris before you need to check these out!  Same flowers - but different designs.
All of Gill's kites come with a long fuzzy tail that looks grand.
$55.00 shipped to you in the United States.  
Take time to fly a flower!


All prices on the Windsweptkites.com website now include USPS Priority shipping in the continental United States.   Get the real price upfront!!!
*This does not include the prices on any Yard Sale items!*

Please feel free to email with any questions.


The Yard Sale has been updated

Items are going quickly!!!!

Payment for Yard Sale items is money order/check only!
Paypal is not accepted for these transactions unfortunately.

Email us for details, information, shipping fees etc on these items!

Good winds!


Consignments & Yard Sales

Did you know that if you have a pile of kites you do not fly anymore and want to make some money,
 you can email us and we can sell them for you on consignment.

Today in the blustery snowstorm we are having right now in Massachusetts we are taking pictures of about 50 kites that we just picked up
- the newest lot of consignment kites.  
  • Sport kites
  • Single line kites
  • A bit of line laundry
  • Ground stakes
  • A couple of old school ground display items that are great for the garden
  • Some project kites (ever wanted to play around with framing choices and see how it works? there are a couple of options for you here!)
  • Some great AKA festival video tapes
You never know what you might find on our Yard Sale page, so check back often!   Prices are great on the items there!!!!

Keep the wheels to the road!

Good winds


Checkign in 2010

Hope everyone had a good New Years Day! 

We did flying a pair of Karl Longbottom Pants
in ~6 inches of snow
in 3mph
and ~20 degrees F.  

It was grand!!!!!

Ahhh.....Brenton Point flying at some of its best!

We have more Vapids from Robert Van Weeers in right now.   A Vapid is a great UL single line kite that is a stable flyer.   This is one you can just pop up and leave there.  
Very simple assembly!!!!
We have in two:
one with an orange tip and another with a purple tip.

The Vapids are only $50 and are a great addition to a kite bag!  
Valentines day is coming maybe one for your sweetie to get you???

Good cold winds everyone!