Brasington Workshop recap

Robert does not know i took this one :)
Well now....it has been 5 days since Robert headed back out of here.   
He is safely back in Tasmania, with his bags a little lighter!   

I cannot begin to guess at how many miles were traveled to get here but we made 17 Concentrix kites, and 11 Wind Tulip Kinetic spinners, sold some more kites, flew some sweet indoor kites (on order btw!) and had a LOT of laughs.  Other fun things to note are that we had three people who had never made a kite before take part, and also that Robert got to see the Stanley Cup up close and personal!
   The Hastings House staff loved having us there, and the question from both kite makers and the HH staff was "when is the next one?" answer: it is in the works.....

Here are some pictures to share

Beth and I want to say thank you to everyone who took part in the workshops.   
We enjoyed having you, and hope you all had fun too!   
See you at the next one!


Yard Saling

The Yard Sale has been updated again.   
There are some new pieces in there, some AMAZING pieces, and some new prices too.
A big box kite made by Bill Lockhart, pieces from Normand Girard, Ruth Whiting, sport kites and more!!!
Check it out, there is not much there right now, so grab it while you can!


We are up here getting ready for the Workshop weekend with Robert Brasington.   
The amount of colors that will be in the Hastings House workspace will be WONDERFUL!   
I am certain that there will be lots of pictures to follow!

Good winds