Prices have been dropped on a few kites from the Longbottom collection for a bit of time.

  • The Angel series are amazing beautiful kites that are beautiful enough to hang in an office and they also fly like a dream as well.   Keep one in your bag for a memorial flight, or add a neat kite to your night fly.   We only have a couple of each of these so, if this kite tempts you grab it while you can!
  • Pterodactyls are a bit lower as well, we picked up a handful from Karl and Sara in Dieppe and these guys are looking to climb into your bags.   Awesome flyers, they are also great to use as part of your Halloween decorations too!
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Good winds


new kites, new old kites too

New kites added up onto the website.....have you checked them out yet?
The Pipa fighter from Karl Longbottom, pterodactyls, doves as well.
Handful of new pieces from Robert Brasington, including a new kinetic piece.

The Yard Sale has some new pieces in there as well, including a gorgeous original Bill Lockhart box kite (more on this later).

Hopefully if you were in the path of Hurricane Irene you made it through okay, we had a bit of a blow and a bit of rain, not too bad.

Good winds


You like to fight? like birds? like dinosaurs? like to sew?

Well, we have all three in from Karl Longbottom, as well as a couple of Swan kite kits.
Go and check them out over at his page:

New things are coming up!
good winds



Windswept Kites is headed up to Dieppe, New Brunswick for their festival!
New kites will be picked up from a couple of kite makers :D
So.....make sure to check back here or the website in a couple of weeks!!!!

There are some new Yard Sale kites going up soon as well, some very special creations......

Bon vent everyone