once again a request was made:

For more pictures of the Bobby Stanfield kite that is in the Yard Sale.....
Here are some detailed pictures.....Bobby was known for making his own fittings out of lots of things...the center spines of this kite are also either a section of a fishing rod OR have fishing line guides whipped to the rod....


The kite has not been sold yet....
Although there are a couple of interested parties...
It's price is $800 and worth every little penny!!!!
The Yard Sale


Well, some of you asked for it......

This is the Bobby Stanfield cellular piece that is in the Windswept Kites Yard Sale right now.
Bobby is one of the most amazing kitebuilders ever out there.....trust me on this!!!

Now the price on this kite is 800$ and it is worth every penny.

The kite is in two pieces.
The small star section at the back (bottom of the picture) is removable if you do not wish to have it on there.
All painstakingly appliqued in Bobby's manner (search on KiteBuilder.com for more on that),
and with Bobby's custom screw fittings this piece belongs in a museum!!!

The kitebuilding/selling crew will even go through and document as much as we can about how to assemble it when it comes apart
(but honestly it might spend the day hanging out loosely in the apartment for the art factor).

There is not many of Bobby's kites out there, and when one comes up for sale
if you have any interest (and the money) grab it while you can -you will probably never see that kite again!!!!

There are still some good deals in the Yard Sale, as well as some fantastic kites on the site too,
summer is coming,
you know you need a new kite!!!!

Good winds
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Going Fast!!!!!

if you were thinking about one, or more, of the kites in the Yard Sale
you had better get them quick!!!

These kites are zooming off like a RC plane out of range of the radio
(true thing that happened while flying last Friday with a friend-the plane made a horrific CRACK as it slammed into a tree in the nearby woods!!!).



Our Yard Sale has been updated, and added to!

Good Morning:
So the Yard Sale has been updated this morning, with a new collection of some outstanding kites!
The owner of them took very good care of them (some have never even been flown! ;)

These might not be for the faint of heart; some are not cheap, but are worth every penny.
A couple of these should be hanging in a museum but they fly darn well to boot!

Yard Sale items are check/cash in hand only, and you cover the real shipping fee
(you will get offered how to ship).
These items are available to go to the UK or elsewhere in the flying world!

Email text or call fast since when they are gone they are gone!

Good winds!


What are you doing this Saturday June 6th?

We are heading to a festival!!!!

This will be our first time going to the Kites Over New England regional festival in Lynn, MassaWHOsetts.

KONE is a very active kite flying/building/hanging out/eating good food group that has been around for quite awhile....a great bunch of people make up the core of this group-some might even give you the shirt off your back if you asked for it!

check out: http://kone.org/Welcome.html for more information.

We will be there with a bunch of stuff and friends, and that does include the kite dogs!

If there is anything you wish from the website feel free to drop us a line, or send a text message if you are so inclined (406.205.0432) and we can make sure it is in the ute.

There also might be a neat donation going to the KONE auction as well, hmm maybe a couple of things.....

Make sure to check out the website: prices dropped a bit in the Yard Sale and there is about to be a bunch of really nice single line kites added to the Yard Sale as well (there will be a separate post when that happens in a bit).


Flowers, Pigs & Fish! A farm?????

A new page has been added to our site!
The windsocks on Windsweptkites.com are great! (we are biased here)
Great Koi 'socks, Flying Pig 'socks and some very special kites are all made by Gill Bloom of the UK for us!
If you are a reader of the forum on kitebuilder.com (Kite Studio -Steve Ferrel's shop) you are probably already familiar with the work of Gill, as well as her willingness to share her knowledge.
Hand dyed fabric and exquisite applique are her trademarks!

Get going to see what we have to offer from Gill here in the States!

Good winds to all of you