We MOVED!!! (with a lot of help from friends!)

Yep. No longer is Windswept Kites based in Rhode Island....
We are now a bit more northern than we were before, just up in Massachusetts, not too far.

But, to celebrate the move (and to make any further moves easier) it is time to have a sale on the Yard Sale!
So, pop on over to the homepage (www.windsweptkites.com in case you forgot)
and scroll on down to the bottom of the page.
Click on the yard sale sign
and a new tab will open with a spreadsheet of the current offerings on the yard sale.
Then send an email to us about what you would like off the list!

Good spring winds to all!!!!


Keep peeking here and on the main website to see what new products are coming!!!
Some old designs, some custom designs, some new designs from more than one kite maker!