Update on the Brasington workshops in October!

@7/13 7:45am
Wow, the response was great!  
Registration closed 6 hours after the first person signed up (Thank you Kevin!)

We are able to open the registration up for 5 more spots for each workshop.

Please email me, and I can then I can send a paypal invoice to you for the deposit.
I am sure that these will go very fast, and I will say that the other classmates are going to be a blast!

Head over to the website to grab the email:

Good winds


Brasington Workshop update

As of July 12th at 1:30pm the workshops are full.   
Please send an email if you wish to be put on a waiting list.

Thank you everyone!

Workshop update -7/12 @ 1:00pm

As of 7/12/11 @1:00pm 
The Saturday Workshop is FULL.

If you wish to be put on a waiting list please email me: 

Good winds!
thanks you everyone


October Brasington Workshops!!!!!

October 8th & 9th, 2011, we will be hosting Robert Brasington here on the lovely North Shore of Massachusetts!!!
Robert is a master kite maker from Tasmania who has a very distinctive style of colors and patterns that make beautiful kites!!!   He is taking a couple of days off of his traveling schedule for this workshop for us.

You will have the chance to make one of his Concentrix kites, or a spinning Wind Tulip 
(see the picture above) at each of the workshops.   
Some people decided to stick around and take both classes,  if their schedule allows.

These two days are limited to 16 people all together (that means 8&8 of course) 
so if you want to get into one of these get in quickly!
I will be keeping a waiting list in case someone backs out, and the open spot will fall to the next person in line.

Please see the official page on Windsweptkites.com for more details.

Good winds!



Are you going to Newport?   Newport RI???  
Well....maybe you should.

This upcoming weekend is the Newport Kite Festival.   
This is one of the best kite festivals around the country.......in one of the prettiest spots!

We will be down there....again (some where around festival #14 for me).

If you are going and there is anything you would like to purchase let me know and it can be tossed into the vehicle for a pickup - nothing like hand delivery!

Good winds

See you on the field!!!