A thought....

You know, an iFlite makes a GREAT stocking stuffer!!!

So do our new decals! (made out of a heavier duty vinyl than the previous ones!)

Also, all of the shirts have been restocked with larger sizes than before - up to 3XL!



Coming up on the holidays!!!

Are you ready for the glut of shopping in big box stores full of aisles of the same items?  
How about turning that effort into supporting your small shops around you instead???   
Black Friday is looming, and lots will be appearing at the doors of the big stores before the break of dawn....but go and find local stores and support your community!   
Check out Small Business Saturday for business's near you that are taking part.

You can also order online from us any day of the year!   
We are chock full of special single line kites and great deals on some used kites - you would be surprised what is in the Yard Sale!   

We are fully stocked up on the new favorite the iFlite kites.   Grab one of Robert Brasington's fantastic pieces, a fun and active flyer from Karl Longbottom, a one of a kind Ty Billings creation or a one of a kind painted piece by Scott Hampton or Jacques Letourneau; there are lots of options ready to ship.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season, no matter where you are!

Good winds


Updated again......

Looking for a deal on a kite?  
The Yard Sale has been updated again with new prices and a bunch of new kites too (New to us kites).
Some classic Prism kites and others too....
Head on over to www.windsweptkites.com!


still a favorite....

Lots of kite flyers keep a kite in their car for spur of the moment flying....
A R-sky bird'x is mine.....I have always enjoyed the simple clean design.....the durability....the active flight that it gives in 2mph wind.
The bird'x is not a gliding kite in any sense.....just a very efficient skin design that gets it up and flying in low winds.....I have flown it a bit indoors, but prefer to be outside with this one.

It is not necessarily easy to find one......they can still be purchased from a couple of shops out there.

This is one kite that if you are looking into xUL active single line kites then try to bring a bird'x home...you will not be disappointed!
good winds


shhhhhhhhhh......quiet update

Welcome to fall! 
So, quietly Christophe updated, revisited, and added to the plan that he had provided for his Ginga kites.   
The Ginga family now has more sizes now!   
Head on over to the Plans page to get the new plans and instructions, and you can also get the original information folder as well.

Lets see...there is a bag of prism kites that will be up in the Yard Sale this week.....
another page will be updated with inventory (you get to find it - but it is a popular one)...
and we have started working with another kite maker in Germany who is shipping some kites our way now - more details on this soon!

Keep flying!


more Yard Sale items soon!

Just got back from a weekend trip 
and I walked into the airport for the trip home with a large Prism Rollup bag that i did not bring with me!   


it is full of kites that need homes...
 (the bag will too by the by)

keep an eye peeled for updates!


We are back, and have new kites to offer!

Karl Longbottom makes a fantastic Brazilian Pipa fighter kite....so....
we got some of them in....
and in the box were some of his newest design..the 6-81!
Now, you do not get to know what the name is from/for until you buy one ;)
But, the 6-81 is a great xUL active single line kite.   Packs up small so tuck it into that Prism hard case that you have your Revolutions in (or violin case), and be able to fly anywhere.
This is a great addition to the xUL single line family of kites.   
Grab one while you can!!

Check these both out over at the website.

Good winds!


Out on travel

We will be heading off on travel for a few days.  
Please note that any orders received after 8/1 will be shipped upon our return.
Going to try flying in a new place - pictures forth coming....

Good winds


iFlites have been reloaded!!!!

We just got a box of iFlites in from Patrick!   

We got in the standard iFlites in white & pink & vented pink & vented white, 
as well as the new bigger iFlite IIs in white and pink!!!

The page has been redone and ready for orders!!! 

Limited amounts are available so get them while you can!


Happy Summer!!!!

The Yard Sale has been updated again, there are some great deals in there!   

The iFlite (1, 2s, vented, and all colors) are on their way, should not be long before they get here - so keep watching this blog, the Windswept Kites twitter feed, the Windswept Kites facebook page, the Windswept Kites google+ page, and the website itself to see when those arrive.

Good winds


Yard Sale!!!

Just wanted to put a quick note out there that the Yard Sale has been updated again! 
Go check it out!
Windswept Kites


Vapids have arrived!

Yes, these super stable xUL wind singles are here again.   The page will be updated very soon with the PayPal link.
We have the standard colored ones (white main skin, black stripe, colored wing tip) and ones with a black main skin (white stripe and colored wing tip), as well as one Zebra print!
The zebra print is a bit heavier than the standard vapids since the edge is fully hemmed and the stripes are all appliqued.   This one looks great!

Get out and fly will ya?



A big box of Vapids are coming in soon from Robert van Weers in New Zealand.
These are great stable UL wind stable flying kites!

Pix and more info when they box gets cracked open!



Up here it is turning into spring........still good flying weather though, indoors or outdoor.  
Hope that everyone out there is tuning and repairing and building kites.
Good winds



  • Patriots win
  • iFlites are on order again
  • Some new surprises have been added to the website
  • Vapids are coming from NZ
  • We will be helping build a set for a show at Radio City Music Hall (you will be able to read about it from the Drachen Foundation website afterward)
  • There is snow on the ground
  • From mass produced kites there are some very special kites coming out-check out the ZeroG (you will recognize this as the Plutz variants that we have had for the last two years) and the Emong, the Soar, the Flick - just a couple that have caught our eye
  • The dogs are not shedding as much this week and that is good!

Just a couple of updates!!!
Good winds


Google + & Social Media

There now exists a Windswept Kites Google + page: It is here!    Go on and add us into your circles!
The Windswept Kites facebook page has been up for awhile: WsK on FB 
And here we are on Twitter: WsK on Twitter

Just trying to pass along all of the ways to connect!

Back to shipping the orders that came in this week.
Good winds


Closed this week

Due to a death in the family we will be closed this week, January 8th to the 14th.


Welcome to 2012 the Yard Sale has been updated!

We got a large number of kites up for grabs: power foils, single lines, dual lines.......
Also keep watching the website for new offerings as well!
Hints: initials are PT & JL & also SH!    Any guesses???

Cheers everyone, keep flying!

Here is a picture of our New Years Day @ Colt State Park.