GINGA part 2

Big thanks go out to Christoph and to kitebuilder Imagin!
We are back in business with the Ginga.
Head on over to: http://www.windsweptkites.com/ginga.html and you can download a folder that has the info as well as two templates!!!!

Lets see what you guys are going to make from this.   
Please send any/all pictures of finished kites to info@windsweptkites.com so we can share them.

Good winds



Weatherproof decals are in stock and ready to fly to you!

These decals are 3x4 inches and can be stuck on water bottles, cars, kite cases, people, kayaks, SUP boards, laptops, you name it!   Show the world what you love to do!
$3.00 for one mailed to you in the US, we can make a deal if you want more too.

Want to purchase one?  
Head over to the Lafney designs page on the website!

Good winds


Ceewan's Plutz kites!


You can now find Ceewan's phenomenal Plutz kites for sale
on his page of Windswept Kites!

These kites excel at a smooth gliding flight!   
They are best for no wind/indoor or up to about 4mph of wind.   
 Very light framing and a great design 
keep these kites up in the air when not much else is flying.
Here is a video showing how well they do:

There are three sizes of them, 
but only the Large and the Standard sizes are in stock right now.

These kites are going fast, so grab them while you can!   
The indoor season is almost upon us up here in the Northeast!!!

Good winds!


We are back...and the sales continue

Back from the vacation, and we are jumping straight back in with both feet.
The Yard Sale has been updated.   
There are a couple of new kites, as well as some discounted prices too! 
Grab them while you can!

Keep checking out the website and the blog for changes that are occuring!
Good winds