Shirts are back in stock!

The shirt for all kite fliers!
The classic "Eye Fly Kites" is back in stock in ALL sizes!

Only 19.00$ shipped in the continental United States.
Please email us for other shipping options.

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Good winds!


Just a little reminder of some of the Yard Sale items we have!

A Guildworks Zerowind Truss 390$
Beautiful UL indoor/outdoor kite.  This one has a big presence!

A Bobby Stanfield cellular kite 675$
From Current Yard Sale
OUTSTANDING! You can see more pictures of it, and how it is assembled here:

A rare Ty Billings High As a Kite Yotzu 90$
From Current Yard Sale
This is a one of a kind kite that will fly awesome in all sorts of wind.

You can find more items here: The Yard Sale 
or go through the main website: Windswept Kites

Hope you are all enjoying the weather out there! Spring is coming fast here in the North East!
Good winds!


Saturday March, 20th

The first day of spring!   Where will you be?
We will be heading up to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, for a belated St. Patty's Day fly.  
If you are going, and there is some item you want drop an email and we will be certain to put it in the vehicle!

Happy St. Patrick's day everyone!


A couple more deals!

Item #cr16 the Fridolin Anders Bubber Version 2 is now down to $225
By the way this kite flies with its disc flat towards the ground.  The stacked up balls in the middle inflate and jostle a bit.   A VERY nice kite kite from a master kite maker!

Item #cr17 The HQ made Deca A-1 (Affordable 1) is now $125! This includes lines and handles.  This kite does need a .2100 Rod to replace one of the bow rods.   NEVER BEEN FLOWN!

Item #cr15 An original unflown Martin Lester Goose.   This kite had never been unwrapped, and also comes with a few spare ramen spars.   Life size (although I have worked with Canada Geese and think that this one is bigger than life!).

A few more nice nice kites to mull over!
Email us or call us to claim them! 
(look to the right column for the contact info)
Good winds!


That special kite deal is gone!

Good morning: 
Sorry to the late risers but that deal posted last night is already gone.
Keep an eye peeled for more to come!


Good deal on a handful of sportkites!

Okay, time to move some things in the Yard Sale:
Special deal on these 4 items....
cr6 Premier LME Falcon perfect $ 99.00
cr7 Premier Premier Avalon perfect $ 31.50
cr8 Premier Stingray hole in nose $ 16.20
cr9 Premier pulse missing both leading edges….all connectors in bag $ 10.00

Get ALL 4 kites for 75$ + shipping!   Heck the old style skyshark rods in the Falcon are worth that much!!!!
email us at info @ windsweptkites.com to be the first to claim them!!!

Keep an eye peeled here on the blog for all breaking news!!!

Good winds!