The Northeastern Kite events calendar now available!

I am working with a friend on a Northeast Kite events calendar
(spreads a little further than the just the Northeast but that is okay).

It is located here: http://snipurl.com/kitecalendar
There is also an rss newsfeed too, it is located here: http://snipurl.com/kitecalendarrss
You can also find it at the bottom of this blog all the time.

Feel free to use these anywhere you wish, and to share it with your family,
friends and neighbors.

Even though I have been working on this,
that does not mean that Windswept Kites will be at all of these events -ahhh if only!  
But, it will be posted here on the blog if we are going.

If you find errors, changes needed, or additions in it you would like to share please
contact me via email with date, time, location, contact person,
details (if anything else) and I can add you in there.

See you on the field!

Good winds


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