Checkign in 2010

Hope everyone had a good New Years Day! 

We did flying a pair of Karl Longbottom Pants
in ~6 inches of snow
in 3mph
and ~20 degrees F.  

It was grand!!!!!

Ahhh.....Brenton Point flying at some of its best!

We have more Vapids from Robert Van Weeers in right now.   A Vapid is a great UL single line kite that is a stable flyer.   This is one you can just pop up and leave there.  
Very simple assembly!!!!
We have in two:
one with an orange tip and another with a purple tip.

The Vapids are only $50 and are a great addition to a kite bag!  
Valentines day is coming maybe one for your sweetie to get you???

Good cold winds everyone!


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