Consignments & Yard Sales

Did you know that if you have a pile of kites you do not fly anymore and want to make some money,
 you can email us and we can sell them for you on consignment.

Today in the blustery snowstorm we are having right now in Massachusetts we are taking pictures of about 50 kites that we just picked up
- the newest lot of consignment kites.  
  • Sport kites
  • Single line kites
  • A bit of line laundry
  • Ground stakes
  • A couple of old school ground display items that are great for the garden
  • Some project kites (ever wanted to play around with framing choices and see how it works? there are a couple of options for you here!)
  • Some great AKA festival video tapes
You never know what you might find on our Yard Sale page, so check back often!   Prices are great on the items there!!!!

Keep the wheels to the road!

Good winds

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