Another kitemaker to look forward to:

Gill Bloom is a fantastic kite maker who puts an enormous mount of time and effort on the skin of the kite she is making. Not that the overall kite is lacking, it is just that Gill is known for hand dyeing to her specific color design and then appliqueing the kite skin. The kites that she ends up with have a wonderful depth of color and design!

We are going to be getting a box of kites and windsocks from her. The first windsocks that Windswept Kites has had. These are special. Perfect for any kiteflyer, or for anyone with a good sense of humor!
Yep, the classic idea of flying pigs. These are the nicest flying pigs that we have seen offered out there in the market!
Also, there is a handful of her Koi windsocks. It can be said that her Koi windsocks are the most realistic we have seen! Amazingly life like (even the size would be of an advanced age koi too)!

Then, rolled up in the bottom of that box is a special packet of 4 kites that are being made just for Windswept Kites. Gill offered to do some 24" square kites with her one-of-a-kind artisitc flowers on them. Great for the gardner in your life, who happens to fly kites as well! These will be great to add to the sky, or to hang on a wall (although they will look best backlit by the sun).

Gill's website is located here: Skyblooms If you happen to wander over to it and find anything that you like that has not been ordered feel free to drop us a line and we can get that added to the box!

Good winds everyone!!!

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  1. Despite the fact that I lean towards bringing rather basic kite-making to the masses via my website, must say I enjoy reading about the efforts of those who concentrate on putting out real works of art that fly.

    I wonder sometimes if any of my skewer or dowel designs will ever get the full 'art treatment' by some keen kitemaker out there... Now I'm off to check out the SkyBlooms site!