A friend changes for the future!

So, our friends over at Gone With The Wind Kites, in Chico California, have graciously hosted the largest, most active kite (and related-albeit sometimes unrelated) forum on the internet.

As of last night GWTW has made a significant change.

With probably close to 7 digits of posts on their forum the decision was made to shut it down. A server change ensued, new forum software and a new web address and a new forum has been started.

The old forum is being left live -but in read only form- until April 1st (planning for one heck of an joke by Loof Lirpa???) so you can download/copy/try to save the info that you wish on there. There is a project in place to save the old threads if at all possible-time will tell about this.

But, come and join us on the new GWTW forum at its new location!

You can find WsK as the Single Line Kite section moderator/resident expert.

By the by: one of the new friendlier aspects is that the new forum can be read without becoming a member -as opposed to the previous one- so come on in and browse the huge amount of kiting knowledge in there!

Good winds!


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