Officially Ty Billing's kites are for sale!

We received a box of kites from Ty Billings, of High As A Kite,
a box of brand new test-flown-once beautiful kites!

For those of you who know of Ty and his kites you know the beauty of his kites
and how well they fly.

For those new fliers: you get to see some kites that have not been available in about 10 years!
Fantastic tye dyed skins, basic rokkaku platforms so they fly very very well.

We are extremely proud to bring out these kites-they embody exactly what Windswept Kites is all about: getting those cool kites out to everyone!

Go and check out www.windsweptkites.com for the rare chance
to bring one of Ty's kites into your home!

Hang it on a wall if you wish or get out there and fight in a Rok battle with it;
these kites look beautiful doing either!

Check out the other kite makers offerings, and the Yard Sale as well, because the best kite flying season is coming up soon!

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