CEEWAN's Pointers!

The Pointers have arrived!!!!

This is the first one here in the States!
(these are a size between Premier Kites' Pointer and Skyburner's GEOPointer!)

They came out great!
I cannot wait to get one out tomorrow into the wind,
with pictures of course.

Grab them while you can as there was only a few of each color in the first batch.

The Pointer kites are designed for a very wide wind range.  
In very light winds you have two small spreaders mid way down the skin and the pigtail at a low point.  
In higher winds you remove the accessory spreaders and attach the pigtail up higher.

You can order these two ways:

1. Framed and ready for you to put your line on and fly.
2. SKIN and tension lines only.
You will need to frame it, but it is a discounted price
(preferred frame is SkyShark p200 and p90s and a few bits and bobs).

You can learn more at Ceewan's Page on Windswept Kites.

Next blog post for Windswept Kites will be about Ceewan's Plutz kites. They came in too!

Good winds

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