Attention kite builders: a new plan added!

Designed by 
Christoph Tournay

The Ginga is the next set of plans we are offering.   
This is a neat neat UL kite, that is based upon a fighter kite.   
But, it is enlarged and tweaked and contorted as well. 
The spine is curved front to back, and the spreader is made of two different materials to provide a curve not available from either separately! 

There are 4 versions of this design that Christoph has made: 
the small, standard and stretched versions are pictured above.   
There is also a vented version as well.   

The Stretched is a higher aspect version.  It is more of a gliding kite than the others.
The small is most fighter kite like, faster than the others.
The vented is not for high winds, it is for very smooth flying in those ultra light wind conditions (you know the type with small gusts buggering things up).

If you are int he New England area and want to try them out please let me know.  
I have a vented and a stretched in the bag at almost all times. 

If you make one of these (or more) please share pictures with me!   
Christoph loves to see more of his kites out there, as do the rest of us.   
Your pictures will be posted online.

You can find the plan here: Windsweptkites.com/Plans.html
Just click on the image of the kite you wish to build and you will get to read more about the design.  
Then if you are tempted, click on the link  and you will download a compressed folder of plans and pictures.

Okay, get out your dremels, sewing machines, hot cutters, and get your printer ready for a few pages; now go and get cracking!

Bon vent!

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