That gorgeous Bobby Stanfield cellular kite......

You can own this spectacular kite!!! 
This is the final price drop on the Stanfield.   
If no one grabs this kite up at 600$ then it is going back off the market. 

 The neat stuff:
This is 1 of only 4 kites.   Bobby only made 4 of this specific kite.  Two were sold on the East coast, and two were on the West coast.  The other East coast kite flies on Horseneck Beach in Westport, Massachusetts.

Bobby made most of his own fittings.  To look at this kite you see it as a marvel of design.  He designed the kite so that it is very easy to adjust the tension on the skin, that way it looks the best at all times.

This is a massive cellular kite - it is about 7' tall, over 8' wide and almost 3' deep! 
The tail is a separate section.   This kite will fly without it, but does look more complete with it.  

This kite will look beautiful up flying in the wind, or hanging in a office or museum! 

This kite will definitely make you more popular on the kite field.

Are you a Florida Gators fan who loves flying single line kites?  Then this kite is very appropriate for you!

Links to more pictures: here  & here

Drop a note to us to claim this beauty!!!!  
Someone needs to take this home and display it!

Good winds to everone

*claim about this kite increasing our popularity might be stretching the truth a bit!

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