New kites! Celtic Panels!

Coming from Portland, Maine, from the studio of Tony & Petra
come the newest offering on the website.  
These are lower winds panel kites that burst with color!   
These are the perfect size to fit into a window to add some kite art to your home or office as well as flying them!

They have a great light weight frame that allows them to absorb any gusts, but not like the traditional Japanese Edo's that you may have seen.

At 70$ shipped, in the States, these are a great deal, and a beautiful piece to add to your kite bag!
Personally, we like to fly them as a pair (there is a pair kite deal) since the colors will compliment each other.

Click here to go right to the new page and claim your colors!

These are only one of the handful of new items that are going to be coming out on the website int he next few weeks - so keep an eye peeled!

Good winds

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