Bobby Stanfield Cellular kite

Now to be honest this is not a one of a kind kite; this is a one of four of a kind kite.   Bobby made 4 of these amazing cellular kites.   Two were sold on the East Coast and two on the West coast.   The other East Coast one will not be sold (I know who has it), and the West coast ones - well I jave no clue where they are.   
But you could bring this kite to your region!   

This kite is in fantastic shape (and truthfully belongs in a museum!) and is ready to fly.   
Assembly takes about 10 to 15 minutes and then it is good to go.   

If you are not familiar with Bobby's work he is one of the best kite makers out there ever.   The sewing is perfect, 
the design is exquisite, 
the framing is one of a kind (he made a lot of his own fittings).

This kite can come to you for the price of 675$ + shipping.   
A veritable steal in the world of high end show single line kites.

You can find more pictures of the kite here: UNnamed Bobby Stanfield Cellular Kite
As well as pictures of how it goes together here: Stanfield Assembly

There are still some great deals in the Yard Sale, as well as some great kites available from Windswept Kites!

Good winds everyone!

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