More updates! Softgoods and kites too!

Getting ready for the holiday season the site has been updated again!
More kites and softgoods have been added. 

Yes, you read that correctly:
Windswept Kites has softgoods (those soft things you wear)! 
Eye Fly T-shirts from Lafney Studios!!!!

 Kite flyers from the New England area who have been around since the 1990's know these shirts!!!!  
This small lot is original stock so get them while you can!

Also, the new craze over in the UK is for flying ripstop dinosaurs.
Karl Longbottom has created a phenomenal new kite:

These guys are absolutely a hoot (yes a HOOT) to fly in low to no wind conditions.   They can also be flown in higher winds - just with not as much finite control.
Karl and Sara fly a train of them as well and they look great!  
We have them in random colors so definitely ask for your color choice!

There is another box of Pterodactyls on its way right now from the UK (it also has a special order kite too-always keep that in mind; we can get it for you!), there is also about to be another box of kites from Gill Bloom as well. 

So, keep a weather eye turned to this blog for updates.

Also just an FYI to all:
The Yard Sale is getting smaller by the day! 
So, if there is an item there that interests you better grab it quick!

Good winds to you all!

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