Pictures of a tradition & the Current Yard Sale

So for the last 12 years every New Years Day we have gone out and flown kites at Brenton Point State Park in Newport. Sometimes there are 30 people out there with us-sometimes 3.......

This was one of the 3 more people times. Windchill pushing -1, wind gusting up to 30mph made for an interesting fly. Dave Johnson came out, Sue and Steve (my adopted mum and dad) came out (this being something like their 27th straight New Years Day Fly), and Ron Kitt of Kitt's Kites came out, but alas none of us stayed out in the wind for long!

The Martin Lester Spirit Man was chosen for the fly for two main reasons:
  • a soft kite can take the wind gusts better (and no assembly time!)
  • the Spirit was flown in honor of a friends father who passed away this December
  • well maybe three reasons-the Spirit is just cool too!!!!
Here are a few pix of the day

Quite cold and barren looking, huh? More indicative of the northern Tundra! But it still was fun.

We have added to the Yard Sale.
A few more kite owners have decided to have us help sell off their collections.
The current yard sale list is located:

You can now also access the page directly from the front page of WindsweptKites.com as well.

If you happen to know of anyone looking to sell off a collection, or part thereof and they are looking for help with that feel free to drop us a note-
We Can Help!

There is web work to do, new kite makers to add, archival information to be posted....just a couple of things on the plate. But, it is all good.

Here's to a wonderful 2009!

Good Winds

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