A new guy on the block!

Think back through some of the cool single lines kites that you might have seen in the past. 
Way back (okay like 10 years)
Back to a time of lots of color, and great applique!  

Then you hear that the maker is gone, and their kites are all gone too.  
There were rumors as to what happened, but unsubstantiated.

Fast forward to 2009.  
One of the big names of kite making has gone on an archaeological for Windswept Kites.  
A dig into his archives.  
What will he find during this excursion?  
I have a hint:

Soft colors
tye dye
soft uncoated ripstop
glasform frame

One of our favorite kite makers!  
One who you cannot have enough of their kites!!!

Think on this while the box arrives here and everything gets photographed.

This is super special stuff that is will never be offered ever again (just be cause we are getting all of it!).

Good Winds!

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