New Items, not kites though.

Okay, I will admit it. I have a thing for Rubber Duckies. Always have. I have no clue as to what started it. Our niece was staying with us, and I mentioned something about there being at least one rubber ducky in each room. Thanks to good suppliers-I mean friends we can actually say that, the bathroom alone has the smallest duck and the largest duck, and about 15 others.

A good friend was at the American Kite Association National Convention in 2006, I called him to see if there was anything in the auction I might be interested in. "A bunch of yellow ducky banners" Rob said. I immediately had to have them. Two weeks later a package of yellow ducky banners appeared at the house, and have since then spent a lot of time in the front yard-to the amusement of our neighbors!

2007 AKA National Convention comes around, but this time he called me to see if i wanted to add to the flock. "Of course!" Three weeks later our Ducky flock had doubled, but with a few new Duck species.

So, it is with much delight that I announce that Windswept Kites is only retailer carrying Mike and Cel Dallmer's Ducky banners! You might have seen them at a festival. Well now you can get them!

How big of a flock do you need?

Picture by a member of the Dallmer family

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