Good news and not as good news....

The website is being reloaded.

The Big Announcement pertaining to Aerial Art is that there are no more Cypods available. The next chance we get to acquire some will be 2009. Scott is taking time to work on some other more needed projects. So the last two Cypods that we have will be it until then. TriWings might fall into the same deal-although we are not certain yet.

The new Aerial Art page is up. There are problems with some of the small images but you can click through to big pictures easily enough.

Also coming is a Flock of Ducks-a Brace of ducks- what ever you call a big group of ducks. Mike Dallmer has signed up with us and shipped up a box of his rapidly becoming famous Ducky banners (and yes the box had air holes).

Just in time for fall: for those kitemakers out there there is going to be a plan for a new kite out of Belgium, designed by our new friend Christophe Tournay. Christophe made a Leaf kite for an outdoor education group in Belgium, and the kites were a hit. There are two bows on them and you can adjust them to be stable or be a fighter. Now this is not a kite made OUT of a leaf. This is a Chikara and Micro-carbon kite. This will test your hot cutting skills! Ready for a challenge?
Picture by Etienne from his Picasa page of Nieuwpoort 2008.
Here is a small Video that Etienne shot of the Leaf flying.
More info on the Leaf when the files hit our computer.
Bon vent everyone!!!!!


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