a yard sale?

A good friend and local flyer has decided to get out of kite flying for other pursuits. He approached me about liquidating his collection. I said "Of course!".

Most of these kites and things I sold Bob, and I know that he takes care of his things.

There is some neat stuff on the list. There is some one-of-a-kind things, there is some mass produced items, there is a lot of line!

The list of items for sale is located here:

Payment is only check/cash/money order (since these are not my kites). Shipping on your chosen items is the real shipping cost-contact me with your address before sending me $ and i will get a quote for you.

There are pictures of most of the items on a picasa web page. Some items pictured might be sold already-the most up to date list is the spreadsheet list with prices et al.

Feel free to drop an email with questions about anything there.

Good Winds!!!!

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