The UNfestival aftermath

Wow...what a good day out there on Saturday! Brenton Point State Park was full of flying fabric!
We usually do not make it down to Brenton Point because we at Colt State Park, but since there was a bunch of people going we thought it would be fun-and it was!

Good friends to hang out with. New friends to make. (Yes-more than a few asked where the pups were-they were hanging out at home in the cool shade).

A bunch of Bob's Yard Sale went to new owners-and so the online list is going to be updated in the next day.

The coolest thing (besides hanging with old friends) was that we got our new feather from Dave. Very neat!!!! What do you think? Readable? Striking? Let us know!!!!

The two most asked questions were:
"Can I have THAT CYPOD?"
"Can I have that Ducky?"

We hope to give more positive answers next time (read as-when I get more Cypods you can buy them and the same goes for the duckies!!!).

There was quite a bit of interest in Dave's banners-hopefully they will pan out into orders so that we will be able to show MORE of what Dave can do with banner cloth and a sewing machine!

That is it for now!


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