The Yard Sale

The Yard Sale has been updated again!  

You will see that there is a new format; this one is a little easier for us to work in
 and also it does not take as long for your computer when you click into it.   
You can also see the pictures of what you want to see.

There are sections for single line kites, for dual line kites, for quad lines, 
and also for the line laundry/ground display/banners/other kite related items.

A quick list of some of what you might find:
fighter kites 
Windfeather banners 
Peter Lynn giants 
Prism sport kites 
 Guildworks items 
Historic kites! 
Catch the Wind spinsocks 
kites that had not been opened since they were first made

Wander on in, you never know what you might find!

Reminder: the Yard Sale is updated on an ongoing basis.   
Usually, any updating of the Yard Sale (or of any part of the website) will also be associated with a blog post here, but sometimes items get sneaked in.   Seriously , you never know what might pop in there or when!

If you happen to have a pile of kites that you are no longer flying, in need of money, 
or just want to pass some kites along and need some help with it please drop us a line!  
We have been helping people to sell used/preloved/unwanted kites 
and kite related items for over three years now.   
We have the knowledge, we have the drive to do it, 
and we are set up to ship kites every day (well except Sundays - thats football)

Good winds

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