The Yard Sale....updated again!

Spring time is here.  

You have been climbing the walls because of the rain, snow, cold for the last 4 months.   


Go fly, and then take a wander through the Windswept Kites Yard Sale!
There are some great deals in there.   
Some old classic kites, 
some new fangled kites, 
some art kites, 
some amazing sport kites (that embody a few of these labels all at once).

Head over to www.windsweptkites.com 
At the bottom of the page you will find our Yard Sale sign.

 Then drop an email to us with the list of kites you want.

  (Payment for Yard Sale kites is either by check/money order or by paypal with a 4% fee - please contact us to arrange payment.   Yard Sale prices do not include shipping costs)

See you in the sun!


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