A couple more deals!

Item #cr16 the Fridolin Anders Bubber Version 2 is now down to $225
By the way this kite flies with its disc flat towards the ground.  The stacked up balls in the middle inflate and jostle a bit.   A VERY nice kite kite from a master kite maker!

Item #cr17 The HQ made Deca A-1 (Affordable 1) is now $125! This includes lines and handles.  This kite does need a .2100 Rod to replace one of the bow rods.   NEVER BEEN FLOWN!

Item #cr15 An original unflown Martin Lester Goose.   This kite had never been unwrapped, and also comes with a few spare ramen spars.   Life size (although I have worked with Canada Geese and think that this one is bigger than life!).

A few more nice nice kites to mull over!
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Good winds!

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