A new way to contact us!

Some of you might have noticed the new "WIDGET" on the side of the Windswept Kites blog.
That is part of a new google application Google Voice that we are testing out
You can click the Call Me button and put in your phone number and name and it will then ring YOUR phone and directly connect to Windswept Kites!!!

Right now it is set up to receive voicemail, but if this proves to be a used item then it might get a direct connect to the cell phone and us!!!!

This will also soon be added to the Windswept Kites website as well.

So please feel free to leave messages for us (a certain KONE member whose initials are R.R. already did! thanks for the test-sadly I will be in Alaska on that day).
Make certain to leave a phone number and an email address for us to get back to you on.

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