Well, some of you asked for it......

This is the Bobby Stanfield cellular piece that is in the Windswept Kites Yard Sale right now.
Bobby is one of the most amazing kitebuilders ever out there.....trust me on this!!!

Now the price on this kite is 800$ and it is worth every penny.

The kite is in two pieces.
The small star section at the back (bottom of the picture) is removable if you do not wish to have it on there.
All painstakingly appliqued in Bobby's manner (search on KiteBuilder.com for more on that),
and with Bobby's custom screw fittings this piece belongs in a museum!!!

The kitebuilding/selling crew will even go through and document as much as we can about how to assemble it when it comes apart
(but honestly it might spend the day hanging out loosely in the apartment for the art factor).

There is not many of Bobby's kites out there, and when one comes up for sale
if you have any interest (and the money) grab it while you can -you will probably never see that kite again!!!!

There are still some good deals in the Yard Sale, as well as some fantastic kites on the site too,
summer is coming,
you know you need a new kite!!!!

Good winds
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  1. Amazing piece of kite-craft - and also an amazing price :-) - in surfing kite territory! I can understand the value in terms of quality and design/build manhours, but must admit am curious as to what kind of kite-flier would shell out that kind of money for a piece of flying art.

    If I went to a kite festival and spotted it in the air, it would probably end up on a 'best cellulars' or similar page at my site...

    Even a simple large kite, like my Dowel series, can take a bit of time to do nicely - can't imagine the hours tally for a cellular of this size and quality!