If you are active on the FracturedAxel.co.uk forum you might have seen our new banner ad!

Thanks goes to Andy (King of FA) & Craig , Frazer for starting the communications, & Sam (indigo_wolf) for design help on the banner!

Fractured Axel is not just a web forum though. There is a weird doppelganger effect going on. Where WsK is all about single line kites and banners, FA is all about the really nice dual line kites that are out there! Same spiel: the cool kites that are hard to find. For an Akuji, a Cosmic, a Blue Moon, or an Opera, you find Andy and Craig's web shop. As well as offering up some nice schwag, line, and parts, they keep the forum running smoothly and congenially.

So, take a wander over to FracturedAxel.co.uk and take a left into the store or a right into the forum and say hey!
You will find us in there as well*

Good Winds!

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