the Yard Sale has been updated!

Yes, folks the yard sale is still going on.

With permission of Gone With The Wind Kites' owner Steve (permission granted via a cut of the sales-a huge forum is not free to run!), I posted the yard sale list up in his world wide kite forum's swap meet on Sunday. Monday morning I had 18 emails to respond to, and more came in throughout the day. It is now 11pm and I am done weighing all the items so that the customers can choose their method of shipping, with the weight of the packages known. Lots of email have been responded to, and all have been positive-no one upset at missing the item of their choice!

Here is a direct link to the forum thread over at GWTW-kites.com

That is the most up to date list there is. Some great deals are still there (well actually here in our closet).

I just got notification that a couple of boxes left the Home of Aerial Art (Scott Hampton) today enroute to our place! Keep checking back to see what we get!!!!


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